July 2014

Minutes for the Monthly Meeting of July 8, 2014

Chris Gannon, Adrienne Johnston, Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Andy McNab (Co-Pres.), Sylvia Ortega, Kathy Santarella, Adrienne Williams (Co-Pres.), Martha Corneck, Liz West, Kristen Adams, Brian Crombie.

Liz West reported that there are a total of 58 families that haven’t gotten their PET-WRAT points. Liz is compiling a non-compliance report with the help of Catherine, Nicky and Martha of families who need to pay. Liz has changed the Senior Invite sign up on Team Unify.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report
This is Chris Gannon’s last board meeting after serving on the WRAT board for 10 years. There are four outstanding swim meets that Chris is finishing up.  Ellen has agreed to get the Senior Meet information to Chris. The email address was changed in the C and H account so Chris is able to see who has paid. Families using the credit card feature is a big hit. Money now directly goes to Martha’s account, not Chris’s. The USA Swimming Account has gone from $50k to $10K due to most accounts being low or negative and four meets haven’t been posted yet. Chris suggested before Long Course begins for 9-12 year olds, we should request a certain dollar amount from each swimmer to prohibit negative accounts. Ellen agreed now that Wesleyan is charging a flat fee of $25 per day rather than a fee per each event. Chris will start meeting with Cathy so she’ll be up and running by September. Ellen wanted to formally thank Chris for her constant board presence over the last ten years.

Practice Group Representative’s Report
There was nothing to report.

Coaches’ Report
Ellen said that on Wednesday, September 3rd WRAT’s will hold tryouts at the new Y. Senior team is scheduled to start September 15th and Age Group is scheduled to start September 22nd. Ellen is following up on the facilities charge from the Senior Meet at Wesleyan. A surcharge was also included so Ellen wrote a letter and they denied it. There were a total of two charges: entry fees and a $5 facilities charge per each swimmer for pool rental however all other fees to Wesleyan have been paid.  Senior Championships are this weekend with Sectionals, then Junior Nationals and Zones. There are a total of 17 swimmers this weekend for the Senior Championship. The 15-18 age group is smaller due to Sectionals and Junior Nationals. We registered with the Y to have six swim meets during the upcoming school year: 8/Under October 19th, Pentathlon, Q Meet, Freestyle Frenzy, Senior Spring & 10/Under in June. Ellen is working on additional deck seating similar to Wilton which will cost about $3k.

Approval of Minutes
Andy McNab moved that minutes for June 2014 be approved. Sylvia Ortega seconded the motion. Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Martha Corneck reported that the Club has budgeted $179k for the coming year. with a balance of $176,388 June 30-July 8. There are $3,037 outstanding checks from Recognition Night and the high speed printer, which the Club purchased for the team. Not much activity to report in June.  Collecting SSI income (waiting on money from SSI from Ellen) and Y Nats was just closed out.  Charges consisted of $160 for veteran Y NAT swimmers and $100 for new Y Nat swimmers. There was a $1,400 loss due to $5,500 WRAT refund checks, $8,750 contribution to the Y and 4 payments to make $35k. Review of reconciliation of Extraordinary Expenses (glass partition, swim Philippines, Wesleyan surcharge, Garret Weber-Gale) totaling $16,500. We did well with hosting swim meets and Citrus fundraiser.  For the 2014-2015 budget, volunteer non-compliance fees were collected totaling between $2,500-$3,500 and we put in $2k. We increased the CPA fees because it was 50% higher than last year. Timing system operator fees have increased and Mike Denapoli has yet to provide us with his social security number.  We have a balanced budget for the upcoming year and once approved we can post to quickbooks. Adrienne Williams moved to approve 2014-2015 Budget.  Syliva Ortega seconded the motion. All voted unanimously.

Citibank has been complicating our account fee structure. We receive a fee break because we have over $200k. Every month we have to go in and request the fee break because Citibank isn’t doing it on their end. After many conversations a local bank would provide more personalized service such as Fairfield County or People’s. The Y uses Fairfield County Bank for the loan for the new Y. Sylvia Ortega made a motion to investigate which bank will provide us with best service, online transfers, checking and no fees.  Andy McNab seconded the motion.  All voted unanimously.  In September 200 checks were deposited from swimmers then checks from the citrus sale and meets we’ve hosted. Typically we write about 20 checks per month. Brian will look into Fairfield County and People’s banks.

Currently we have 60 $10 refund checks to WRAT parents (those that earned additional volunteer points).  Andy McNab moved that checks between the amount of $1-$20 will automatically be deposited into swimmers escrow account, checks in the amount of $21 and higher will be written. Those with $21 or higher may request checks to be deposited into swimmers escrow account.  Kathy Santarella seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

Co-Presidents’ Report
Adrienne Williams raised the question of the team website and wondered what the team and Club will use, starting next summer after Ronald Wimer is gone. Suzzanah Rogers has been doing 8/U events for Team Unify because there’s no one else. Despite Goody Bags posted on Team Unify this year, they no longer raise money like they have in years past. Perhaps Stop & Shop and/or Stew Leonard’s rewards program we could bring back in lieu of Goody Bags. Parents have the ability to earn cash back; not volunteer points. Adrienne posted changes to the bylaws. We created a new Media Chair position and the Officials position will move to a board position and consist of 2 co-chairs for 2 year terms. Suzzanah will be in her second year of her term and Whitney Lenoce will begin her first year term.  There will be no cap for the amount of years for the Officials co-chair position. Kathy Santarella made the motion for the creation of a Media Chair position. Cathy Schots seconded the motion. Motion was approved unanimously. Adrienne Johnston made the motion to approve Suzzanah Rogers and Whitney Lenoce Officials co-chair positions to board positions. Adrienne Williams seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

Swimmer registration this fall will use Team Unify with the option to pay by either credit card or check.  Parents will provide email log in, medical information and the Code of Conduct for both parent and swimmer will be available.  On August 7th accounts will be suspended.  When registration is complete accounts will be reactivated. Those accounts that don’t become activated we’ll know which swimmers aren’t coming back.  If suspension messes up PET WRAT fees and hides swimmer, Adrienne will reactivate it. All registration Y program fees will go through Denise Stevens.  Swimmers will be registered through DAXCO. Team Unify will register swimmers for PET WRAT and USA Swimming.  By Friday September 5th swimmers will know whether or not they made the team.  Between September 11through the 14, new swimmer orientation will be held.  Registration will begin in August for current swimmers.  Cathy Schots made a motion to move from paper to online registration.  Martha Corneck seconded the motion.  All voted unanimously.  Under the medical information list we should list Asthma, Allergies, back injury, shoulder injury and diabetes.

The Ann Atkinson Fund was set up by a WRAT parent 15-20 years ago to aid swimmer’s families in need.  There were never any guidelines set.  The family applies to the Y for assistance and the WRAT Parents Board.  We need to document the family’s request for assistance with a written letter to Ellen Johnston and the Y.  Cathy Schots made a motion for approval of Ann Atkinson guidelines including appendices. Chris Gannon seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Kathy Santeralla moved to adjourn meeting at 9:04 pm; Adrienne Johnston seconded; all voted in favor.

Next meeting is slated for September 4, 2014.

Adrienne Williams thanked Chris Gannon, Kathy Santarella and Martha Corneck for their many years of service to the board.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrienne Johnston
Water Rat Parents’ Club