June 2014

Minutes for the Club’s Annual Meeting of June 6, 2014


Catherine Cunningham, Chris Gannon, Adrienne Johnston, Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Lisa Krakoff, Whitney Lenoce, Andy Mc Nab (Co-Pres.), Sylvia Ortega, Kathy Santarella, Adrienne Williams (Co-Pres.), Nicky Wisher. Parents: Allison Adler, Brandi Briggs, Brian Crombie, David Yu, Martha Torres, Gil Torres, Diana Coyne, Megan Loffredo, Ronald Wimer, Craig Adler, Kristen Adams, Whitney Rosi.

Approval of Minutes

Adrienne Williams welcomed all to Wrats Parents Club Annual Meeting and moved that minutes for April and May 2014 be approved. Andy McNab seconded the motion. All voted unanimously.

Nominating Committee

Adrienne moved that the slate of nominees for 2014/2015 Parent Board be approved. Kathy Santarella seconded the motion and all approved unanimously. They are:

Co-President: Sylvia Ortega (First Term)
Co-President: Andy McNab (filling vacancy)
Ex-Officio: Adrienne Williams
Co-Treasurer: Allison Adler (First Term)
Co-Treasurer: Brian Crombie (First Term)
USA Swimming Manager: Cathy Schots (First Term)
Secretary: Adrienne Johnston
8/u Rep: Brandi Briggs
8/u Rep: Jennifer Lau
AG Rep: Kristen Adams
AG Rep: Gabe Miller
Senior Rep: Charlie Fraas
Senior Rep: Craig Adler


Nothing new to report.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon noted that Team Unify would not allow kids to be entered in meets if they have a zero balance in their account. System does notify parents when approaching zero balance. The number of invoices to be sent going forward will now be greatly reduced —Parent Club will not have to chase after parents for unpaid meet entry fees.

Parent Representative’s Report

Nothing new to report.

Meet Coordinator Report

Catherine Cunningham reported that we are set for our final meet. The 10/U meet is last meet at downtown facility.

Coaches’ Report

Coach Ellen Johnston was happy to report that new 8/U Coach, Caitlyn Hracs, has been hired. Although not public, it is likely that new WWFY will be moving in on or around September 1, 2014 at Mahackeno. In anticipation Ellen has secured a storage locker to facilitate the move. We continue to prepare for and pursue the USA Swimming Level 3 status and Bronze recognition and are incorporating Safe Sport protocols into our Handbook.

Coaches Annual Report

Ellen summarized the year’s accomplishments. Ellen identified the need to continue further assessment of Team Unify, especially as team will be using to conduct full online registration in the fall.

Ellen noted that Wesleyan in addition to other changes now charges to rent from CT Swimming the Colorado Timing System—$250 per meet. There is also an added surcharge of 15% of meet entry fees costing us around $630. Ellen hopes to seek a refund of this unexpected surcharge from CT Swimming.

Y Rebranding is still on going, but we can still use the red, white and blue our traditional colors.
Short Course Bids are due June 25th. We will conduct the Freestyle Frenzy, Pentathlon, and an 8/U meet, but will not be hosting more than 5 meets a year at Mahackeno. We are considering adding a Q-meet. Parking management will have to be worked out in advance of meets.

Treasurer’s Report

Nicky Wisher noted that we are still finalizing revenue and expenses from the Pancake Breakfast, Y-Nationals, and Annual Banquet. We did receive a refund of $200 in bank fees. Nicky recommended that we should look for another bank to meet our needs in future. June 3rd we made another contribution to our capital campaign commitment for the new Y. We also have purchased two new printers for heat sheets.

In her annual report, Nicky stated that overall the Club is in good shape. We were able to pay for the additional expenses for which we did not budget – Garrett Weber Gale, two new printers, increase in restricted donation and annual campaign, the glass partition, and dryland equipment – out of meet and fundraising revenues. This has allowed our savings to remain unchanged but may result in a small loss for the club this year. Once all expenses and income have been reconciled at the end of the LC season we will have a better sense of our budget numbers for this year.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Andy and Adrienne discussed:

– Team Logo Apparel – is being worked on for the fall.

– Media Chair Position – was introduced to create a liaison between the Y Communications director and club in order to promote team accomplishments and events. After some discussion, Lisa Krakoff moved to create position subject to ongoing review, and Nicky Wisher seconded motion. All voted in favor. (Please see position description on team website.)

– Officials Co-Chairs as Board Members – was introduced, as they are integral to team management just as the Parent Reps. Lisa Krakoff moved to add to Board; Andy McNab seconded motion and all voted in favor.


– Team Unify – shoud be re-evaluated versus the improved High Tech system. In general a committee should be formed to better identify needs and fully and specifically define user (parent, coach, administrators) requirements in order to select features of system that best meets swim team needs now and in future. Subject is slated for September meeting.

– Year-end Summary – Adrienne reminded us that the purpose of the Water Rats Parents Club is to support our coaches and our swimmers primarily by fundraising activities and in volunteering when needed to run swim meets or perform administrative duties related to PET-WRAT and USA Swimming accounts. Along with many team records set at all age levels, we have had a record year in commitment to excellence on and off the pool deck. Without a strong and committed volunteer base contributing to meets, supporting enrichment activities such as Olympic swimmer, Garrett Weber Gale, and helping our kids help others with Swim for the Philippines, we would not be the world class swim team that develops excellence in mind, body and spirit. (Please see Adrienne’s comments on team website, Presidents’ Report.)

Kathy Santeralla moved to adjourn meeting; Lisa Krakoff seconded; all voted in favor. Next meeting is slated for July 8, 2014.
Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Krakoff
Water Rats Parents’ Club