January 2014

Minutes for the Board Meeting of January 8, 2014


Michael Arman, Martha Corneck, Catherine Cunningham, Chris Gannon, Ellen Johnston, Lisa Krakoff, Whitney Lenoce, Andy McNab (Co-President), Kathy Santarella, Liz West, Adrienne Williams (Co-President), and Nicky Wisher and Megan Loffredo.

Approval of Minutes

Andy McNab moved to approve December 5, 2013 minutes; Mark Arman seconded motion. Approved unanimously.


Liz West stated that there were still a number of families that have not yet volunteered. As well there are families in need of points, but there may still be an issue with having enough available jobs. We could split apart certain responsibilities like the preparation of the Personal Best Awards. Also for upcoming Sunday Pentathlon, that is five hours long, we can offer split shifts.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon reported all was reconciled – Team Unify, QuickBooks, and Business Manager. Now Team Unify allows parents to view their swimmer’s escrow balance. This month we will be rolling out access on Team Unify to parents so that if they see a positive balance in their USA Swimming account their swimmer has depleted their account and owes swim team money for their entry fees in meets. Parent can then make a payment (My Account>$My Invoice/Payment hit Make Payment) with their credit card to replenish their account and allow their swimmer to continue to enter meets. Checks are still accepted and can be mailed: Water Rats Parents Swim Club Escrow c/o WRATS USA Swimming Manager, PO Box 625, Westport, CT 06880. This new feature will allow parents to see detail of how escrow used (meet entries) and hopefully prevent end of season collection activities.

Parent Representative’s Report

Whitney Lenoce emphasized the issue with acquiring volunteer points and looked to Parents Club Board to offer solutions and communication on the issue.

Meet Chair Report

Catherine Cunningham noted that Pentathlon is running well with Adrienne Johnston and Craig Adler. Awards were ordered from Stamford company and Fortuna’s will supply Coaches’ lunches.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnston reported that Seniors would only be participating on Sunday at Greenwich meet, due to over subscription. Reminded all that parking is very limited at that meet. Noted that renewal is coming up for Team Unify. We will be using Meet Manager 5.0 for Q Meet and will be trying Meet Mobile thereafter. Regarding club recognition, Ellen will be meeting with Adrienne to move us toward Level 3. Coaching staff biographies are a work in process. In February bids for Long Course expected. We should expect to be downtown for LC2014. As to future at Mahackeno, we will not be able to run the Pentathlon during aquatic lessons; so program planning will be required and Parents Club may offer more dual meets that do not monopolize an entire weekend. In sum there will be some adjustments to meet offerings in new location, but we hope to bring Y States to our Bedford Y.

Pancake breakfast will be schedules shortly along with team photo.

Co-Treasurers’ Report

Martha Corneck reported that December was quite. There remains about $2,150 in PET-WRAT fees from some seven families that have not been collected. Noted we have not collected much from swim caps and asked if Y may have collected some monies. We have $500 for officials training. Otherwise, a high-speed printer is needed for printing heat sheets we will make due with Y resources for upcoming home meets.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Adrienne Williams, who commented that we need to resolve collection of outstanding PET-WRAT fees. Adrienne said she gave permission for Garrett Weber Gale to send a survey about swimmer nutrition to help with his work.

• Planning and Evaluation Meeting will be held on February 6, 2014. The agenda will revolve around a review and update of the Water Rats Parent Club Team Handbook with specific revisions to Code of Conduct and updates from Safe Sport. Lisa Krakoff moved to accept these plans for P&E meeting; Kathy Santarella seconded motion. All voted in favor.

• Communicating with new swimmers mid-year – It was noted that we need a better procedure for integrating new swimmers that join team after registration – especially important to get them on the roster.

• Other Business included review of request for equipment for drylands training (like bands and balls) but we were not sure where these items could be stored. More specific proposal/request is required – how many, how much, where stored etc..\

• New date March Board Meeting

Adjournment: moved by Martha Corneck; seconded by Adrienne Williams; and voted in favor by all.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff
Water Rats Parents’ Club