July 2011

Minutes from Board Meeting on July 12, 2011


Sheila Stolarski, Kathy Bell, Sydney Hunter, Martha Corneck, Sandra Morrison, Jacquie Tuminia, Chris Gannon, Ronald Wimer, and Adrienne Williams.

Approval of Minutes

Approved the June 2, 2011 meeting minutes.

Nominating Committee

Lisa Gray was nominated to fill the Board position of Secretary made vacant by the resignation of Suzannah Rogers. The Board approved the nomination.

The Board also discussed creating a new chair position for travel meets. Specifically, the board would appoint a person to be the Travel Meet Coordinator. The position is separate and independent of the Y Nationalʼs Coordinator. This individual would work with the coaches in dealing with the financial and planning aspects of a travel meet. Attendees agreed that such a position is a good idea and the board will appoint someone to fill it in the fall.

USA Swimming Report

Chris received entry reports for 5 meets and is waiting for the reports of a couple more.


Kathy put together an analysis of the fines and refunds for the 2010-2011 swim season through regional championships. So far there are $7,640 in non-compliance fines and refunds worth $4,369. 61 families will receive fines, unless they earn their points at Seniors and/or Age Group Championships. 78 families are expected to get refunds. Kathy will finalize the Fines/Refunds for this past swim year after all the championships.

Meet Chair

Nothing to report.

Coaches’ Report

Jacquie reported that the staff are preparing the schedules for the fall and winter. Registration for the 2011/2012 season will begin August 10th. Families will be required to register their swimmers online and have until September 10th to do so. A late fee will be assessed if registration is received after September 10th.

Jacquie noted that the swim office will send out a brochure providing information about the upcoming swim season, including descriptions of practice groups, schedules, and information on apparel. Jacquie stated that the TAG group will be combined into one group to alleviate overcrowding in the JAG practice sessions. She also mentioned that JAG II will no longer be swimming in the Brophy pool.

While registration will be online, there still will be an Expo so that swimmers and their families can meet the coaches, meet other parents, see what volunteer opportunities there are, try on apparel, and obtain information on how to become an official.

Jacquie lastly related the status of the entry reports and the checks from parents for the Florida meet so that Chris and Martha can reconcile the Clubʼs finances and update the swimmersʼ USA swimming accounts.

Presidentʼs Report

Ron presented the results of the survey relating to the venue for WRAT Recognition Night. Sixty-six people responded to the survey. Of those who responded, 68.2% would like the banquet to continue to be held at Bedford Middle School. The majority of those that prefer to have the event held at another location were only willing to pay $25 per swimmer and $35 per adult. The majority of respondents did not want to have a DJ after the ceremony so the swimmers could socialize.

Ron also discussed the idea of creating a committee of 2-3 people to establish criteria for the new Cameron Bruce Award that will be given out at the annual Recognition Night festivities. Barbara Wiederecht is willing to help. The committee will be created in the fall.

The Board then discussed funding a trip by Ellen to Greensboro, NC to scout out hotels for next yearʼs Y Nationals. The Board agreed to pay for her hotel and the Y would pay her mileage.

The Board may also have to pay some expenses to fix pages on the web site that were impacted by the Yʼs website upgrade. Ron and Mary Cooperman will do most of the tweaking, but some will have to be done by the web consultant. Ron will let the board know the details and costs of the project once more is known about the extent of the work required.

The last issue raised by the co-president was relating to the manner the team will sell swim caps. This past year the Club incurred a significant deficit relating to swim cap sales and it was felt that a change in the process was necessary. Swimmers will be given one free cap at the beginning of the season. (Since our meeting it was decided that those attending Expo will get their free cap there.) All other caps must be purchased at the Yʼs membership services desk. Coaches will only be given an emergency stash for away meets and if a child needs a cap at an away meet they will provide the cap to the swimmer, write down who they gave the cap to, and later tell Chris who will then deduct the cost of the cap from the swimmerʼs USA Swimming account. The only point to be decided was whether the Club or the Y would pay for the caps purchased from the vendors.

On a related matter, the Board decided that any T-shirts purchased for a select group of swimmers, such as swimmers attending an away meet or Age Groups, should not be charged to the Parentsʼ Club. Those swimmers receiving the T-shirt will have to pay for them.

Treasurerʼs Report

Martha presented the financials for the Club through the end of June. She was still waiting for the income and expense reports for several LC meets. She was also working on updating the State Tax exemption certificates for Florida and North Carolina and on reconciling the financials for the PET-WRAT refunds.

After a question and answer session with Martha, the Board approved the budget for the 2011-2012 swim season.

Respectfully submitted,
Adrienne Williams