June 2011

Minutes from the Club’s Annual Meeting on June 2, 2011


Martha Corneck, Sheila Stolarski, Suzannah Rogers, Ellen Johnston, Jacquie Tumminia, Mary Warner McGrade, Adrienne Williams, Peggy Mevs, Diana Coyne, Kathy Santarella, Lisa Krakoff, Mary Cooperman, Sandy Morrison, Chris Gannon, Jeff Boley, Del Auray, Ronald Wimer, Nicky Wisher.


The minutes of the April 28th meeting were unanimously approved.


75 families have not earned all of their points.


Adrienne reports Senior Spring Invitational went really well.

9 Under Meet is coming up soon, and we are still looking for volunteers to fill in some positions.


Short Course Meets-Tentative dates for WRAT hosted Meets:

  • October 22nd-8 Under
  • November 12th and 13th-Freestyle Frenzy
  • January 14th and 15th-Pentathlon (May need to be following weekend)

Bids for Short Course meets are due in a few weeks.

Short Course Schedule: Jacquie is currently working on the schedule for Short Course. There will possibly be a need to add one more Age Group, as there are 30 swimmers moving out of the 8 and Under group next season.

Expo: Tentatively planned for Sunday, September 18th. Jacquie envisions that everyone will already have paid for the season. Parents will be able to learn more about volunteer opportunities and see the WRAT apparel.

Club Recognition Program: Barbara and Jacquie are only a few points away from obtaining USA Swimming Level 2 Status. They will then begin working on Level 3.

WRAT 9/Under Meet: Current 3 teams are entered.

Parent Social: There are discussions suggesting a parent Social to create energy about the Y. Timing may be quite difficult during the summer months, however.

Nominations to the Board for 2011-2012

The slate was unanimously approved:

  • Adrienne Williams-Co-President
  • David Blansfield-Ex-Officio
  • Martha Corneck-Treasurer (Second Term)
  • Nicky Wisher-Meet Coordinator
  • Kathy Bell-PET-WRAT Coordinator (Second Term)
  • Adrienne Johnston-8/Under rep
  • Catherine Cunningham-8/Under rep
  • Betsy Auray-AG rep
  • Sylvia Ortega-AG rep
  • Karine Keith-Senior rep
  • Sandra Morrison-Senior rep (3rd term)


We’re in very good shape financially. There was a small amount of income from Recognition Night.

Martha reports a few open items that she needs to close by the end of the year including: swim cap inventory, collecting a small amount of receivables, and clearing Grocery Card inventory. She is also completing the accounting for Y Nationals and expects to issue refund checks soon.


The Water Rats Parents club is a strong organization comprised of dedicated volunteers. We are a Non-profit organization that is physically sound. We were founded 30 years ago. The strength of our organization lies in our volunteer base. Our effectiveness over the past year is due to many volunteers pooling their collective knowledge and expertise.

We are committed to developing the highest level of excellence for every swimmer, while encouraging the traditional Y values of spirit, honesty, team pride, personal commitment and individual growth. Over the past few years, the Board has focused on four main themes: Education, Communication, Volunteerism and Strategic Initiatives.

In order to continue to improve in these areas we held a Planning and Evaluation Meeting this month, which was very worthwhile.


Slide show can still be improved with more representation of our younger swimmers. It was suggested that we could have a photographer (Coffee Pond/Bear Sports) at a few of our meets, to make sure that there are pictures of all of the swimmers.
Trophies: The feedback regarding trophies was that we should continue them for 10 and under swimmers.

Attendance: There was a noticeably low attendance by TAG swimmers.

Venue: Adrienne would like to conduct a survey regarding moving the venue and the willingness to pay more for a different venue.

Recognizing Ellen’s 25 years service: Ellen thanked everyone for this special presentation at Recognition Night.


Jacquie reported the main issues discussed at the meeting:

  • Facilities-While awaiting our new Y, we can create excitement and hopefully find donors
  • Presence in the Community- We need more publicity/public relations
  • Team Pride
  • Flow of the Team-fine tuning our system
  • Revisit our Vision and Mission

Respectfully submitted,
Suzannah Rogers