July 2010

Minutes from Board Meeting on July 8, 2010


Barbara Wiederecht, Chuck Katter, Andy McNab, Mary Cooperman, Martha Corneck, Kathy Santarella, Adrienne Williams, Sheila Stolarski, Sydney Hunter, Chris Gannon, David Blansfield, Ronald Wimer, Sandy Morrison.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the June 2 meeting were unanimously approved.

USA Swimming

Chris still has not received the AG championship meet information and she needs to reconcile the account. Jacquie will follow up with Ellen. Chris has also sent out reminders to families who need to replenish their accounts and checks are coming in.


Forty-five families have not completed their requirements and 19 of these are Senior families. Fifteen families have earned no points at all! Kathy anticipates that she will be refunding about $5400 and there will be approximately $5600 in non-compliance fees due.

The Board discussed the opt-out system, alternatives and the overall effectiveness of our communication. The pros and cons of assigning timers were reviewed. Adrienne has had success this year with additional phone calls and emails. Coaches also need to coordinate with meet managers as to who’s coming and we might try resurrecting the “volunteer coordinator” for away meets. They’ll check people in and track people down when necessary. The Board will revisit this topic in Sept. and make a final decision.

Coaches’ Report

Jacquie is getting the registration materials together. The Y will be able to accept online registration for the Y fees and USA Swimming Fees. PC Fees will be collected at Expo. The Registration Packet will be available on the website in mid-August.
Tryouts: Sept. 7 and 14

Progress is being made on the Level II Club Recognition program. Hopefully it will be completed by the end of August.
Meet Manager Guide: Coaches have several changes they’d like to incorporate regarding volunteer assignments and the location of items. They will add an appendix.

SC Bids have been submitted:

  • 8/U Meet: Oct. 17,
  • Freestyle Frenzy: Nov 6/7 (NOTE: This was changed
  • following the meeting to Nov. 13/14 so it doesn’t conflict with the CT Swimming Banquet.)
  • Pentathlon: November 22/23

Treasurer’s Report

June Financials: We’re on par to come out ahead. We made $437 on the SSI and all income and expenses have been reconciled. Martha still needs to complete the 9/U meet and there are several other items that need to come in, i.e. the non-compliance fees. She mentioned that there is approximately $3000 in grocery coupon inventory. She suggested offering this out to parents.

Proposed Budget: Martha presented two versions of the 2010-11 budget. She added some items (i.e. capital expenditures—we need a new harness) and trimmed a few items (fundraising activity was cut, for instance). One version assumes a $25 increase in PC fees, the other a $50 increase. The Board discussed different areas where we might need more money and how much fees should rise for families with multiple swimmers. Martha was comfortable with the $25 increase per family and the Board agreed to raise the PC fees by $25. Any additional profit could go to the Anne Atkinson Fund. We will also reach out to Wrat alumni to ask for contributions to the fund.

Presidents’ Report

Point-to-Point Planning: Final details being worked out.

Expo: There was talk of not having Expo this year but Barbara thought it was an important and necessary means to attract new officials. Small meetings might be too chaotic. The Board agreed to hold Expo for at least one more year. It will be on Sept. 19. Jacquie will get the gym. People will pay their USA Swimming fees online and pay their PC fees at Expo. They can also order apparel.

The next meeting will be on September 2, 2010.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Cooperman