April 2010

Minutes from Board Meeting on March 31, 2010


Jacquie Tumminia, Ronald Wimer, Mary Cooperman, Adrienne Williams, Martha Corneck, Kathy Santarella, Sydney Hunter, Jeanne Bowles, Chris Gannon, Chuck Katter.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the March 3 meeting were approved.

USA Swimming

Chris is all up to date, only AG Championships are still outstanding and she still needs to reconcile the swim cap account. She will wait a couple weeks before billing families that are low on their accounts. She also has several checks outstanding that have not been cashed. She will wait until August to void them.


Kathy distributed a list of families that have not earned any points. Overall, 88% have fully completed or partially completed their requirements. She continues to follow up with reminders.

Treasurer’s Report

Overall, everything is on budget and running smoothly. Martha collected some grocery income and there were a few other small expenses and activity this month. She is still expecting YNat expenses and needs to reconcile the information from the swim cap account and the Senior Social. There was discussion about the planned LC meet that we were not awarded this year. This will likely cause a budget shortfall of about $4,000.

Coaches’ Report

Jacquie reviewed the upcoming Zone and YNat meets. The Wrats have 9 swimmers at YNats this year. Ellen, Jacquie and Kelsey will also go.

Jacquie also gave a wrap-up of the SC season:

8/Under: We had a big 8/Under team with a good sized group going to Regionals and 5 to New Englands

Age Group: During the year every child had at least one best time. The team did well at AGs and three swimmers went to Zones.

Jacquie anticipates that the LC schedule will change a bit to include some earlier practices.
Senior: At some point during the season 100% of the swimmers had a best time. They responded well to training.

Long Course: Practice and meet schedules are online. Some of the practices will be at Mahackeno, which should be a nice change. The coaches are planning upcoming parent meetings and the kids who are changing practice groups will be notified within a week or two.

Daxco System: Daxco is the Y’s new computer system, which will allow us to do next year’s registration online. We can also offer several different payment options for Y payments and can accommodate credit cards and bank drafts. Jacquie will also talk to Shin about the possibility of paying PC and USA Swimming fees online, too.

There is no need for Expo. The coaches will meet with new swimmers one on one. The PC will also have mandatory meetings to explain the volunteer system. There was some discussion about attracting parents to these meetings. One suggestion was to tie apparel orders to attending the meeting. The Board all agreed to do away with Expo for the 2010 SC season.

Recognition Night

Everything is all set. BMS and Stews are booked and Jeanne has ordered the gifts. Graduating Srs. will also get a gift this year.

Nominating Committee

Has met one time and is continuing to look for a secretary. They are also working on filling the various Chair positions.

Co-President’s Report

Ron commended the Board and the team as a whole for doing such an excellent job covering hospitality at Age Groups. We only lost $12 on our purchases and spent under the $4000 budgeted by CT Swimming. We fed 80 people during each session.

Ron also reminded the Board that everybody should attend the Board meetings. Some members do not come as often as they should.

Ann Atkinson: Ron discussed the purpose of this fund and we have one swimmer who is already benefiting from the fund to go to YNats. Now another swimmer has also requested financial assistance. The Board agreed that we should provide the funds. However, this initiated a discussion of how best to fund this account. (Adrienne suggested having people give donations at the holidays or the beginning of the year. Perhaps a portion of the Senior fundraising could go to the fund, too.) Currently we “replenish” or “allocate” money via the overall budget each year. A transfer from savings. At the end of the year we need to discuss the amount of replenishment and whether we want to fund this account more or less than in the past. There was also discussion of how the fund should be used and how much the swimmers should be supported. The general consensus from the Board is that we should support swimmers so that they can reach their peak potential. This year we will pay for both swimmers to go to YNats and at the end of the year determine next year’s commitment to the fund. Finally Chuck reviewed the overall policy of YNats funding. The bulk of the money historically comes from the SSI from the previous year (along with money from the pancake breakfast, car wash, etc.) Last year we decided to cap the PC contribution to $500 per swimmer.

Strong Kids: Ron asked the Board to reach out to the team for donations. It’s also important to get the kids involved.

Mahackeno: Ron announced planned building changes to the project (no 50 meter pool, larger fitness center, etc.) The Y hopes to become a real community center. He answered questions and talked a bit about the capital campaign, which will begin in the fall.

The next meeting will be May 6, 2010.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Cooperman