27 Water Rat Swimmers Listed in the CT Top 16

Twenty-seven Water Rats from the 2014-2015 Swim year were named as Top 16 Connecticut Swimmers. They include – Jude Dequeljoe Caroline Begg Katherine Begg Ella Alpert Shealeigh Crombie Riley Twiss Max Peel Ashleigh Piro Kate Killian Sarah Grinalds Willow Woods Michelle Kennedy Nick Killian Dashiell Hunter John Whiteside Aileen Coyne Bryce Keblish Michael Deluca Justin […]

September 2015

Minutes for the Board Meeting of September 3, 2015 Attendees Sylvie Ortega (Co-Pres), Lorraine Kennedy (Officials Chair), Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Andy McNab(ex officio), Suzanne Ryan (Secretary), Candace Twiss(senior rep), Adrienne Williams(Team Administrator), Martha Corneck,(Co Pres), Sari Berkowitz(8 and under rep), John Meehan(co-Treasurer), Eileen Brown (Age group rep), Chrissy Gussen (8 and under). Approval of […]