March 2015

Minutes for the Board Meeting of March 12, 2015


Craig Adler (Senior Rep), Mike Alpert (Escrow Manager), Martha Corneck (AG Rep), Adrienne Johnston (Meet Manager), Sylvia Ortega (Co-Pres.), and Candace Twiss ( Senior Rep). Additional Attendees: Adrienne Williams, and Tracy Keblish.

Approval of Minutes
A quorum was not present at this time. An approval of the February 5, 2015 minutes will be made via an email vote.
Nominating Committee

Adrienne Johnston noted that the work of the Committee is progressing as planned. A motion will be made via email vote that in conjunction with the resignation of Adrienne Williams as ex-Officio, a motion is made to nominate Ron Wimer as ex-Officio for the remainder of the fiscal year ending August 31, 2015.

it was noted there was nothing new to report. The new parents are learning about the volunteer point system.
USA Swimming Manager’s Report
Mike Alpert noted that all meets have been entered in the system and all families with balances in arrears have paid. Mike has reconciled the account to date.

Parent Representative’s Report
The Senior Reps, Craig Adler and Candice Twiss reported they will meet with Coach Ellen Johnston to discuss a pasta party and will work on invitations for the upcoming Recognition Night.

Martha Corneck reported for the Age Group and 8/under groups and stated that the pasta party last night was a success. They have scheduled a meeting with Coach Chandler Crosby and Coach Kristin Finnegan to assist with St. Baldrick’s event and an afterhour’s movie night is planned at the Y for May 2nd. This is being planned as a YNATs fundraiser with the help of Tracy Keblish.

A motion will be made via email vote to approve the clarification of the procedures for YNATs budget. The Senior Spring Invitational meet will continue to allocate 50% of its profits from the previous meet up to $500 per swimmer attending YNATs to the YNATs activity of the following year. Any fundraising activities that are executed by YNATs swimmers and parents (Pancake Breakfast, Goody Bags, Swim Outlet and other ad hoc activities in a given year) will supplement that subsidy.

Trophies have been ordered and the reps will work together to order the food for the event.

Meet Coordinator Report
Adrienne Johnston in coordination with Craig Adler discussed the upcoming Senior Spring Invitational in May. Adrienne Williams discussed the need of 3 Meet Managers for each session of the SSI. There are a few potential volunteers so this request should be covered easily.

Coaches’ Report
Adrienne Williams reported for Ellen Johnston that Long Course bids are in. The Senior Spring Invitational should be set as no other team put in a bid for that date. It is planned for May 15-17. The June 10/under meet is slated for June 18th but a second choice date would be June 16th, depending on Staples High Graduation occurring in town. The Senior boys did extremely well at Championships last week and most of the boys had to swim unattached due to High School swimming rules and the state of CT. Currently, 13 kids are going to YNATs in early April.

Treasurer’s Report
The Parent’s Club is currently $3,350 ahead of budget. There was not much activity in the past month aside from the pasta dinner and the Qualifier home meet. There are some outstanding checks to write for pasta dinner and Qualifier meet concessions.

Officials’ Report
The team hosted an Administrative Officials course last week. 4 WRAT parents attended and are in the pipeline as working on their certification. Currently, the team has 1 AO parent and 2 parents that need one more session at a trials – finals meet to complete certification.

Co-Presidents’ Report
Sylvia Ortega discussed the creation of the task force as the Parents’ Club and the swim team evaluate their role and future.
As all business of the agenda was covered the meeting was adjourned. next meeting is slated for April 2015 but the day will be announced at a later date due to the YNATs swim schedule.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Corneck
Acting Secretary
Water Rats Parents’ Club