December 2014

Minutes for the Board Meeting of December 11, 2014


Adrienne Johnston, Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Adrienne Williams (ex-officio), Lorraine Kennedy (Officials Chair), Sylvia Ortega (CO Pres.) Andy McNab (CO Pres.) Mike Alpert (USA Swimming Mgr.), Craig Adler(Senior Rep), Gabrielle Miller (Age group Rep), Jennifer Lau (8& under Rep), Megan Loffredo (Officials Chair), Brian Crombie (Co Treasurer), Liz West (PET WRAT), Jay Jaronko (WWFY staff).

Approval of Minutes

Jennifer Lau made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 6th Meeting ,Adrienne Williams seconded the motion. All voted unanimously and carried it was. RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting dated November 6, 2014 as presented to the Committee were approved.

Coaches’ Report
Head Coach Ellen Johnston presented her report of the team activities for the last month, and upcoming events/plans.

1. CT swimming has decided to decrease the amount of surcharge for Meet entries..

2. About our swimmers performance in recent meets, she informed that other team records have been broken by swimmer Dequelje (Age groups) and Whiteside (Sr I). Ellen informed that 15 Senior swimmers attended the Nsshville Invitational, and they all did really well. It was a very satisfactory experience.

3. There are two Meets for the upcoming weekend (Long Island, and Swim for the Troops). She reported how are all the coaches assigned among them. Andy McNab asked whether the Parents Club should donate gift cards for Swim for the Troops, but Adrienne Williams explained that it has always been the parents of attending swimmers who made the donation.

4. Ellen Johnston referred to the preparation for the Pentathlon on January 10 and 11, 2015. She informed that they have received significant number of entries. She expects the 12 and under sessions to last two and a half hours each. For Seniors, she is expecting a lot of scratches due to High School Swimming Meets. Megan Loffredo reminded everyone that if the session were to exceed 5 hours, the team must notify Ct Swimming a week in advance.

5. Ellen Johnston informed that Y management is not planning to make the building and parking lot signage in time for the Pentathlon, so the Club has to take care of it. On the other hand, we will need 2 buses to bring swimmers from the commuter lot.

6. Ellen also reported that she has been working with Diana Coyne to try to arrange a training trip for Seniors to San Antonio, TX.

7. Andy McNab brought up an issue about Safe Swimming Survey. He felt it was har for the kids to complete. Lorraine Kennedy commented that she did it jointly with her daughter.
Officials Report

Megan Loffredo review the current number of officials in our team, highlighting the need to get new parents to train for officials. She reported that 6 ppeople signed up for Administrative Official training. Just two people became trainee. She asked to be able to report the status of our teams’ officials during the Board Meeting. No objections to this.

Meet Coordinator Report
Adrienne Johnston explained she is still was missing a Meet Manager for the Pentathlon, and suggestions were made to try to recruit an Age Group Parent. There was a question about Personal Best ribbons. Andy McNab agreed to follow up and contact Eileen Brown.


Liz West reported that she finally was able to complete the volunteer hours for previous meets. It was more complicated than previous meets because various print outs were used to sign volunteers in. It was agreed that she will provide the print outs for upcoming meets to prevent this situation from repeating. USA Swimming Manager’s Report Mike Alpert reported that everything is up to date.

Parent Representatives’ Report

Gaby Miller explained that they have organized movie nights that have been successful. Also, Martha got swimmers to volunteer to make cards for presents to the Wounded Warriors which was also successful. Now, they are working with Coach Chandler to organize the showing of a swimming movie “touch the Wall” in January (20,21, or 22nd) at the Bowler Movie Theater.

Jennifer Lau (8/Under) reported that they are planning a social for January.
Craig Adler (Seniors) reported they were exploring the possibility of attending a Sound Tigers Game.

Treasurers’ Report

Brian Crombie reports that the budget has been updated to includo the 8&under Meet and the Freestyle Frenzy, as well as the info from the Citrus sale. The two meets had more guest swimmers than expected, partially offset by unbudgeted expenses partially related to having a new facility. The Citrus sale were much better than budgeted and 2013. In aggregate we have 169 swimmers on the team, with four additions and one departure since the last count of 166. Proceeds from the 169 need to be reconciled within the two systems, but seem to be roughly at or $500 under the budgeted level of $42k. In aggregate, the budget appears to be $400 ahead of plan.

The actions pending include:

Update Holiday apparel sales
Enter expenses from recent social/motivational events
2014 Taxes submitted to Accountant

Co-Presidents’ Report

Andy McNab and Sylvia Ortega discussed all issues throughout the meeting.
Brian Crombie and Mike Alpert made comments about the parents not understanding the role of the Parents Club, highlighting the need to educate them/inform.

Everyone agreed we need to figure out how to carry this out. For starters, Brian Crombie to prepare a brief emo to describe what the Club Funds are used.

The date for Recognition Night was set for May 1st. Back up April 24th.

Gaby Miller moved to adjourn meeting Andy McNab seconded, all voted in favor. The next meeting is slated January 8th, 2015.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzanne Ryan
Water Rats Parents’ Club