November 2014

Minutes for the Board Meeting of November 6, 2014


Adrienne Johnston, Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Lorraine Kennedy (Officials Chair), Sylvia Ortega (Co Pres.) Andy McNab (Co Pres.) Mike Alpert (USA Swimming Coordinator), Martha Corneck (AG Rep) Candace Twiss (Senior Rep), Megan Loffredo (Officials Chair), Adrienne Williams, (EX Officio), Brian Crombie (Co Treasurer), Suzanne Ryan (Secretary) and Brandi Briggs.

Approval of Minutes

Adrienne Williams made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 3rd meeting Lorraine Kennedy second the motion. They were approved unanimously.

Nominating Committee

RESOLVED that the motion of Suzanne Ryan to become Secretary, and Mike Alpert as USA Swimming Coordinator as presented to the Committee was approved.


It was noted that volunteer positions for the meet were all filled. Decided that it is best to have extra positions, and if not needed, you can let them know that you do not need their help from volunteers.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report
Mike Alpert is transitioning into new position. All but 5 balances are still due on team unify accounts. These balances have been greatly reduced with recent payments. Noted that the coaches are not to by pass Team Unify because some of the accounts get into the positive, and it is difficult to track down money.

Parent Representative’s Report

Martha Corneck reports that the Pottery Event was very successful with 40 swimmers attending. Also there will be movie nights for the 9-10 year olds, and 11-12 year olds in November. They are working on an 8 and under event. Coach Ellen Johnston reports that she and Frisk are working on a dry land Olympics for the seniors, and are looking for a date for it to take place.

Most of the apparel from ASF has arrived with the exception of a few sizes of jackets. New swim caps are coming in

Chandler has organized a volunteer day for Homes for Hope.

Meet Coordinator Report

Adrienne Johnston reports that the 8 and under meet went over well. The three safety marshal’s were key. There was enough food, but always run out of water. Only complaint heard was about parent’s walking behind officials for swim lessons. Since the meet was small, there were no issues with parking or seating.

Coaches’ Report

Coach Ellen Johnston discussed the Freestyle Frenzy. She is concerned about the amount of on deck seating, and parking lot attendants. Only chairs from the YMCA will be used on deck, and ½ of the gym will be blocked off from 9-2 to accommodate overflow seating. To help the flow with spectator viewing, she is asking parents to move in and out of seats. There will be a shuttle from the commuter lot used to help with parking issue. The shuttle is being used at a cost of $400 from Greens Farms Academy from 12-6. Ellen is buying vests for the parking attendants as well, and is still looking to find more attendants to help. Lap counters were purchased since we are using all ten lanes for the meet. Stopwatches and clipboards are all set. Ellen plans to send out an email outlining what is still needed for the meet for volunteers. There will be a woman selling tattoos, at the meet, and will give the club $1 from each tattoo sold. Copy machines will be used to make the heat sheets. Ellen also purchased meet manager upgrades to the software needed for the meet. Aggie is all set, and badges are all set.

Ellen reports that the high school girls are doing well., and the swimmers did well at the 12 and under in Greenwich. She is looking for a new coach, and has found and SHU student that might fit. Frisk needs to take a course for high school coaching after 1/2015. Actively looking for a new coach. All coaches are up to date on their certification, just waiting on background check.

Treasurer’s Report

Brian Crombie reports that all payments for registration are in for the most part; waiting on one. The 8 and under meet was the most successful to date-approximately $2700. Currently planning on surpassing the 15k budget for the Freestyle Frenzy.

Extraordinary Topics

Megan Loffredo stressed the importance of the need for Administrative officials. Clinic available at SCSU is the only one available this year, and we need more parents to step up. Also in need of certified officials at all levels.

Holiday T shirt offerings are available through Chandler. In addition, for a limited time there will be swim caps available with child’s name available for purchase.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Andy McNab and Sylvia Ortega discussed all issues throughout the meeting.

Lorraine Kennedy moved to adjourn meeting Andy McNab seconded, all voted in favor. The next meeting is slated for December 4, 2014

Respectfully submitted

Suzanne Ryan
Water Rats Parents’ Club