You Need Fruit, We All Need Fruit

All Swimmers Must Participate in Citrus Fundraiser

It is the start of the Fall 2014 swimming season and we once again launch our annual Citrus Sale, which is the only fundraiser in support of our entire team. The funds raised provide financial aid for swimmers and helps many attend swim meets.

This year we are again selling mouth-watering fruit and nuts from River Royal in Texas. We are offering boxes of oranges and boxes of grapefruit at $20 per box; mixed boxes of oranges and grapefruits for $22 per box; fresh mammoth pecan halves at $15 per one-pound bag; and holiday gift packs made up of oranges, apples and grapefruits at $30 per box.

Every Water Rat swimmer is expected to sell three boxes of fruit during this fundraiser. If three boxes are too much for your family, please consider selling or giving away the fruit to friends, family, teachers or colleagues. You also can buy fruit and donate it to a local food bank or homeless shelter. This is the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

The deadline for ordering is Friday, October 31, 2014

The River Royal truck is scheduled to arrive very early on Saturday, November 22 – just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. You can pick up your fruit in the parking lot of the Westport Family Y from 8:00 am to 10:00. Don’t forget, we’ll need volunteers to help unload the truck, starting at 6:00 am.

Sales flyers, order forms and forms to record sales are available in the swim team office. Please hold on to the sales record forms. They are to help you distribute the fruit that you pick up. We just need your order form, with your name, swim group, home and cell phone number as well as your email. Also include who will be picking up your fruit on November 22.

Click to download an order form for the 2014 Citrus Sale. Checks are payable to “Water Rats Parents Club.” We ask you to tally all your sales, and submit one order form with your checks. You must include your name, or the name of the adult who will pick up the fruit on November 22, your home telephone number and your cell phone number. You can click to download a Sales Record form to help you keep track of sales to friends and family.

Orders can be left at the Membership Desk at the Family Y, marked “WRAT Citrus Sale,” or mailed to:

WRAT Citrus Sale c/o Ginny Rosow
775 Mill Hill Road
Southport, CT 06890

If you have any questions, please email Ginny or her Citrus Sale co-chair Jennifer Pressman.