May 2014

Minutes for the Board Meeting of May 1, 2014


Catherine Cunningham, Ellen Johnston, Andy McNab (Co-President), Adrienne Williams (Co- President), Whitney Lenoce, and Charlie Fraas.

Approval of Minutes

No action taken for lack of a quorum.


No report.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

On behalf of Chris Gannon Adrienne stated that Chris is up-to- date on all meets for short course. Chris was wondering why the Podolsky’s name was deleted from the roster as she needs to deduct money from their escrow account. Ellen explained that Nicole is taking a leave of absence from the team. Adrienne requested that the coaches inform Chris when swimmers leave the team and not to delete members from the roster without coordinating with Chris, as it affects the USA Swimming manager’s ability to manage the swimmer’s escrow account now that we are using TU to manage USA Swimming escrows.

Parent Representatives’ Report

Whitney reported that the 8/us would have a pizza party after the mock meet.

Meet Coordinator Report

Catherine reported that Diana, Ellen and I would meet to go over the management of the meet with Diana on May 2nd. She also mentioned that the 8/us will be having a mock meet on May 16th and asked if the families can get points for working at the meet. The request was granted. Liz West is to be contacted to add a job signup on TU for both the SSI and the 8/u mock meet.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen thanked the board for organizing Recognition Night. Ellen then reported that Katlyn Hracs would start next week as the new assistant 8/u coach. Adrienne asked for Katlyn’s bio.

Ellen also stated that the Pancake Breakfast would be May 3rd at Christ and Holy Trinity.

The summer practice schedule will be coming out after the meeting (and true to her word Ellen sent the schedule out by e-mail right after the meeting).

Ellen talked about tryouts for next year as well. As she stated at our last board meeting she is working on three tryout scenarios because tryouts will be determined on what pool space is available either at the Downtown facility or Mahackeno.
The rest of Ellen’s report focused on the issues we may face at the Senior Spring Invitational, such as how to handle the number of people on deck and getting people to volunteer.

Treasurers’ Report

Adrienne reported that the team’s financials are in good shape. Nicky and Martha are just waiting to reconcile the income and expenses from YNATs and Recognition Night. Based on our financials to date, the club looks to break even this year or have a small surplus of $1-$2K.

Co-Presidents’ Report

As Adrienne reported last meeting families joining the team this summer can register on TU and that registrations for the fall will be on TU, except for the payment of the Y fees. Ellen asked that families be given instruction on how to do so. We will discuss fall registration issues in greater detail at the July meeting.

Andy and Adrienne also mentioned that we would like to add a media chair and possibly elevate the officials’ chair positions to board positions. Those attending the meeting discussed the issue but no action could be taken for lack of a quorum.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Adrienne Williams
Water Rats Parents’ Club