April 2014

Minutes for the Board Meeting of April 10, 2014


Catherine Cunningham, Chris Gannon, Ellen Johnston, Dana McCreesh, Andy McNab (Co- President), Sylvia Ortega, Adrienne Williams (Co-President), Adrienne Johnston and Nicky Wisher. Parents: Megan Loffredo.

Approval of Minutes

March 6, 2014 minutes approved unanimously.


On behalf of Liz West, Adrienne reported that 74 families have not completed their volunteer commitment, 20 of those families have only 5 points outstanding. Hopefully, with encouragement some of these families will earn the rest of their points during the LC season. We need to determine if the new families are the ones who are missing points.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon reported that she is still waiting for the meet entry reports on a couple of meets. She intends to send invoices to all families May 1st to ensure that everyone has sufficient funds in their USA Swimming escrow accounts for LC.

Parent Representatives’ Reports

Reps will contact their respective group coaches to get the list of new swimmers coming on the team for LC. This way they can contact them to welcome them to the team and answer any questions. Sylvia, in coordination, with Ellen will try to schedule a coffee for the new senior swimmers and parents to answer any questions about the senior team, such as practice schedule, the number of meets, long term goals of senior swimmers, etc. They may also try to have another pasta dinner after practice during the LC season.

Meet Coordinator Report

Catherine reported that Diana Coyne would manage the Senior Spring Invitational. She will contract Tracy Keblish to see if she will assist Diana.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen reported that the coaches are ready to make an offer to Katlyn Hracs to be the new assistant 8/u coach. Katlyn is currently teaching lessons at Fairfield University and the Fairfield Y and has other swim coach experience.
Ellen also stated that the Pancake Breakfast would be May 3rd at Christ and Holy Trinity.

The summer practice schedule will be coming out soon so parents can plan their non-swimming summer activities. The coaching staff is waiting to here from the Patterson Club about pool time for the AG swimmers.

Ellen talked about tryouts for next year as well. She mentioned that she is working on three tryout scenarios because tryouts will be determined on what pool space is available either at the Downtown facility or Mahackeno.

The rest of Ellen’s report focused on the new requirements Wesleyan is imposing on teams hosting meets at its facilities. They include limiting the number of people on deck, prohibiting swimmers from bringing deck chairs, and limits on the number of people sitting in the stands. Ellen felt that it would be manageable for our team when we host the Senior Spring Invitational.

Treasurers’ Report

Nicky reported that we are in good financial shape. She is still reconciling everything for Y Nationals. The Co-Treasurers will give a full accounting of all the Club’s funds, including savings, at either the May or June meetings.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Andy McNab give the Board an update on the new Y’s construction. Adrienne Williams then discussed the following:

• Recognition Night – is set for April 25, 2014 at Bedford. Parent representatives have planning underway. 8/Under reps have ordered the food from Stiles, Adrienne Johnston has ordered the awards from Hastys, and Sylvia is starting to get RSVPs from families. Adrienne Williams stated that Wakeman Farms has agreed to do cleanup, David Blansfield will MC, and Ron and Ryan are on board to handle the slide show and audio visual.

• Website Modifications – the website updates are complete. It cost the maximum budgeted, which is $1,500.

• Summer Registration – registration for everything but Y swim program fees and membership fees is now on TU. New swimmers joining the team during LC can now register electronically. Online registration for all but the Y fees will be available for the fall as well.

• Nominating – The nominating committee has completed the slate of nominees for the board. It is as follows: Sylvia Ortega for Co-President, Andy McNab to fill Adrienne Williams vacancy for Co- President, Brian Crombie and Allison Adler for Co-Treasurers, Cathy Schots for USA Swimming Manager, Adrienne Johnston for Secretary, Adrienne Williams Ex-Officio, Jennifer Lau and Brandi Briggs for 8/u reps, Kristen Adams and Gabe Miller for AG Reps, and Charlie Fraas and Craig Adler for Senior Reps. The slate will be posted on the website and be voted on at our June annual meeting.

• Policy – Adrienne discussed the issue of whether we should charge a coach with a child on the team the PC fee in full or discounted. In the past, coaches with children on the team have been charged the full amount. Last year, Adrienne and Andy gave the coach the Y discount. Adrienne mentioned that she spoke to Lynn Holmquist, the co-president of the Wahoos Parent Advisory Committee. Lynn said they do not make their coaches with children on the team do the fundraising requirement, which is the Wahoos’ equivalent of our PC Fee. The Board discussed the issue and decided that since it would have little impact on the budget, it would be a gesture of good will to exempt a coach with a child on the team from paying the PC Fee. The Board also voted to give an employee, not a coach, with a child on the team the Y employee discount for the PC fee.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Adrienne Williams
Water Rats Parents’ Club