December 2013

Minutes for the Board Meeting of December 4, 2013


Adrienne Williams, Mark Sedlak, Andy McNab, Chris Gannon, Kathy Santarella, Nicky Wisher, Liz West, Charlie Fraas, Sylvia Ortega, Dana McCreesh, Whitney Lenoce.

Approval of Minutes

November minutes were reviewed and approved.


Liz West reported things are running smoothly. We are having problems getting timers to sign up for away meets so open slots are going to be posted ahead of time. There are some complaints from 8/under parents that they are unable to fulfill their points. The reps will have a look at this.

USA Swimming Report

Chris Gannon would like to move everything to team unify by Jan 1.

Practice Group Representative’s Report

Charlie Fraas reported that there was some interest in having a clinic over Xmas break where the swimmers were filmed. He will talk to the coaches about this and assess the feasibility.

Coaches’ Report

Mark Sedlak read Ellenʼs report.

Swim for the Philippines was a big success raising over $40,000 for save the children. Thank you to Lisa Krakoff, Ronald Wimer and the Parents’ Club for all they did.

December is a busy month for swim meets, we currently have 15 in Nashville for the Music City Invitational. 87 10/unders are going to Canterbury school this weekend. A strong contingent will be going to Nassau County Aquatic center on Long Island for a highly competitive Y meet next weekend. The same weekend is the Swim for the troops

Meet at Wesleyan. On Saturday December 21st we will have our annual blue/red intra squad meet.
The holiday practice schedule will be posted by the end of next week. The seniors are heading up to Weslyan for long course training dec27-30 and the SAG swimmers will also swim there on Dec 28th.

Pentathlon- we have already received a few entries.

High speed printer – we have had the current one for 7 years and it is now not reliable enough to be used for a meet. It is particularly critical to have a working printer when we run a meet off-site. Request the board buy a new printer prior to pentathlon at approx $500-800.

Coaches apparel- request to buy some additional apparel for staff including embroidered speedo tech shirts, polo shirts, and short and long sleeved t-shirts – cost $1,000.

Date for WRAT Recognition Night – Friday April 25th.

Meet Coordinator Report

Catherine Cunningham reported that the freestyle frenzy was a successful meet. There were a few minor issues with volunteers signing up for the wrong session etc on team unify and difficulty on Sunday with Senior parents not showing up until after the timers meeting. We need to ensure all volunteers check in 30 minutes before the start of the meet. There were some problems with Hasty as many of the medals arrived broken and had to be replaced so some swimmers had to wait for their medals. At the request of coaches and parents we will try and cut back on the candy and non- healthy snacks at the concession stand.

Pentathlon- planning has started , trophies are ordered from Ed Clark Trophies in Stamford.

Treasurerʼs Report

Citrus sale is complete and made $3200 against the budget of $2250. This was less than last year as we did not offer the option to buy fruit and donate this year. $11,023 donation has been paid for the glass partition at the new Y and a $1000 donation to save the children.

In December we have to make our quarterly donation of $7500 to the BWM campaign. Expected expenditures for December are the pizza pep rally for the 12/unders this Saturday.

Just four families are left to pay Pet Wrat fees.

Martha met with the accountants and their feedback was that the records look in good shape. They also informed her that the IRS does not really mind how much we have in our bank account if we are reporting everything correctly which we are.
The 990 form is ready for signing.

Co-Presidents’ Report

MOTION: To approve printer and $1,000 apparel made by Kathy Santarella, seconded by Liz West – group voted all in favor.
Adrienne and Chris Gannon reported that to put the USA swimming payments on Team unify we need to use a billing system.

Adrienne has researched one and asked for a motion to approve its monthly cost, Andy seconded- group all vote in favor.

Adrienne discussed amending the by-laws to define what USA swimming Escrow account funds are used for. It was decided to not change them for the time being.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Nicky Wisher
Water Rats Parents’ Club