December 2013

Minutes for the Board Meeting of December 4, 2013 Attendees Adrienne Williams, Mark Sedlak, Andy McNab, Chris Gannon, Kathy Santarella, Nicky Wisher, Liz West, Charlie Fraas, Sylvia Ortega, Dana McCreesh, Whitney Lenoce. Approval of Minutes November minutes were reviewed and approved. PET-WRAT Report Liz West reported things are running smoothly. We are having problems getting […]

Swim for the Philippines Top 16

Very Successful Thanksgiving Fundraiser As of 9:00 pm on Sunday, Swim for the Philippines had raised $32,478 online and $5,200 in checks. Congratulations to our Top 16 Fundraisers, all of whom raised more than $500. They did a great job! Top 16 Fundraisers 1. Justin Krakoff ($3,784) 2. Annie Bowens ($3,530) 3. Max Wimer ($3,275) […]