June 2013

Minutes from the Club’s Annual Meeting on June 6, 2013


Charles Fraas, Ellen Johnston, Karin Keith, Lisa Krakoff, Whitney Lenoce, Dana McCreesh, Andy McNab (Co-President), Sylvia Ortega, Kathy Santerella, Mark Sedlak, Adrienne Williams( Co-President), Ronald Wimer, and Nicky Wisher. Parents: Diana Coyne, Megan Loffredo. Jay Jaranko, VP of the Westport Weston Family Y.

Approval of Minutes

Ronald Wimer moved to approve May 6, 2013 minutes; Seconded by Nicky Wisher. Approved unanimously.

Amendment to Bylaws

Includes a new Co-Treasurer position and staggered terms for the Co-Treasurers; and elimination of the athlete representative position. Ronald Wimer moved to approve; seconded by Mark Sedlak. Approved unanimously.

Nominating Slate Approval

Andy McNab moved to approve board slate as presented at May 6, 2013 Board Meeting (see below). Nicky Wisher seconded; approved unanimously.

  • Co-President: Adrienne Williams
  • ExOfficio: Kathy Santarella
  • Co-Treasurers: Martha Corneck and Nicky Wisher
  • PET-Wrat Coordinator: Karin Keith
  • Senior Team Reps: Mike Arman and Sylvia Ortega
  • Age Group Reps: Adrienne Johnston and Charlie Fraas
  • 8/U Reps: Whitney Lenoce and Dana McCreesh
  • Meet Coordinator: Catherine Cunningham


Kathy Santarella reported that we have 172 families in system. To date 35 families have not earned any points. We estimate $3,800 in refunds to be paid out and a record $12,000 in fines to be collected. Due to the latter, some discussion ensued regarding non-complying families. It was noted that some 8/U families have been shut out of volunteer system. Kathy will analyze distribution of fines and examine percentage of 8/U families. In past many senior families have comprised the majority of those fined. In future Team Unify will permit locking out parents from further volunteering once they have met their requirement, thus permitting other families to earn points.

Regarding Long Course and especially long length of championship meet at 4-5 hours, some discussion was made to split timing shifts as many other swim clubs do. Once again parents will be assigned to volunteer for meets that have not met point requirements. Nick Wisher and Andy McNab will coordinate Age Group 12/U meet shift sharing. Adrienne Williams and Sylvia Ortega will work on 13/over meet.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon’s report was shared by Adrienne Williams, who noted that entries needed for: Senior Spring Invitational, Green Knoll Quadrathlon, and the Freestyle Frenzy. Those that owe for their US Swimming account are being contacted. Noted that Team Unify may be able to provide parents with online access to USA swimming account to see their balance and activity.

Meet Coordinator Report

Nicky Wisher confirmed that the Senior Spring Invitational went well. Regarding upcoming 10/u meet, question was raised as to whether we will be using touch pads. Mark Sedlak said we would be setting up the touch pads up and looking for a couple more. Parents will enjoy seeing times on big board. Adrienne indicated that we have purchased new timing watches, so we should be all set.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnston offered her Annual review. Despite many challenges this year, our team was back in the water 3 days after Hurricane Sandy. Winter weather that brought severe snowstorms was worked around. Senior swimmers learned to “improvise, adapt and overcome”. We have seen increased intensity in training that has elevated senior team. We have closely monitored 8/u coaching challenges and have brought on board Team Unify to improve efficiency and communication. We will continue toward our goal of becoming a Level 3 Team and pushing beyond the Bronze level.

– Team Unify update provided by Mark Sedlak who is meeting with Tyler Bisset of the Y. Team Unify is being integrated into WWFY website. Mark is working with Kathy to integrate volunteer point system into Team Unify. We should be live in July. Tutorials are being planned for registration. Y IT is working on all links to Team Unify. Ron Wimer suggested that as a backup we renew Super Meets when due in August, until Team Unify has run for most of the year uneventfully. Pet Wrat Administrators will have to maintain two systems.\

– Short Course Meet Bids will be prepared for 8/U meet, Freestyle Frenzy, Pentathlon, and Qualifier in February.

– Team Tent Request was investigated and made by Ellen. It seems that the LC tent needs replacement. A 15×15 tent costs $1,700 imprinted on all sides and comes with portable bag. An option to purchase (2) 10×10 tents was discussed, as there would be a discount. More details need to be investigated, as it is not clear that (2) tents are easily transported, and a square 15×15 tent may be a little too large for pool decks. Andy McNab will look into large rectangle singe tent option. All agreed it was time for a new tent and that club had available funds.

– Practice Schedule Long Course is due to change June 24th.

– USA Swimming Club Leadership and Business Management School will be offered Oct 4th & 5th at Christ and Holy Trinity.

– PreCompetitive Team will have a simulated meet run by Mark. SAG team will help organize and time White Team.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck indicated that we are on target. We expect to end year with a slight surplus, thanks to citrus revenue and Recognition Night being under budget. We are now in process of wrapping up Y Nationals activity. Wrat fees collected will increase a bit with addition of new swimmers in LC. Income from AG Qualifier visiting teams is coming in. Lastly, Senior Invitational results were better than expected.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Presented by Adrienne Williams:
– Parent Club Representative Description was accepted as moved by Lisa Krakoff; seconded by Ron Wimer; and voted unanimously.

– Annual Message from our Presidents is posted on our Water Rat website and serves to remind parents of the purpose of the Parents Club, which is to support the activities of our swimmers primarily through volunteer and fundraising efforts. We continue to be a well-managed club. We continue to improve communications and reach out to our members especially in this year of hardships, where we have found alternative meet opportunities; had record citrus sales; and ran successful meets.

– Point-to-Point is July 20th Noted that same weekend as Regionals, but event has to be scheduled according to tides, as it is an open water swim.

– Next Meeting Tuesday, July, 2013.

– Addendum was presented by Andy McNab post meeting regarding the purchase of a tent for swim club. Upon investigation by Andy he proposed at 15×10 foot tent with – 2-sided Y Logo and Water Rat Team signage at a wholesale cost of $1,534.86 including shipping. Adrienne Williams seconded motion and Parent Club voted in favor via email.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff