May 2013

Minutes from Board Meeting on May 2, 2013


Betsy Auray, Martha Corneck, Diana Coyne, Catherine Cunningham, Chris Gannon, Ellen Johnston, Lisa Krakoff, Whitney Lenoce, Megan Loffredo, Andy McNab (Co-President), Cheryl Smiley, Adrienne Williams (Co-President), Ronald Wimer, and Nicky Wisher.

Approval of Minutes

Lisa Krakoff moved to approve April 11, 2013 minutes; Seconded by Andy McNab; and voted unanimously for approval.


Adrienne Williams shared that Kathy has set up SuperMeets for LC adding three new families to our team.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon noted that we were all up-to- date.

Age Groups’ Representatives Reports

The Reps shared that there will be a social for Age Group kids at Nutmeg Bowl on May 19 from 3-5pm. Members of the Board felt that no more than $10 fee should be charged since the club has money in the budget to subsidize the social.\

Meet Chair Report

Nicky Wisher noted that Senior Spring Invitational (May17-19) is fully subscribed with several out-of-state teams added this year. We are expected to gross $17.5K (typically 50% is distributed to Y National) for this very popular and lucrative meet for our swim team.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnston reported:

– 8/U Coaching is still a work in progress but Ellen felt that the group was well covered for now by Kristin Finnegan, Stevi Giurco, and Mike Wallace. These three have previous swim lesson experience, and are being supervised by Mark Sedlak. A parent suggested that the coach-to-parent meetings John Scaldini used to conduct be resumed. The parent felt that these meetings were very useful as they provided an opportunity for the coaches to educate new parents to the workings of the swim team and expectations that are appropriate for respective level of swimmer. She suggested that they be conducted twice a year.

– Senior Spring Invitational set for May 17-19. Age Group Meet scheduled for June 20th.

– Website Update is expected this year as WWFY continues to fully assimilate all its programs including Swim Team into Y-USA new standards. Having a separate Swim Team logo does not conform to Y standards and will have to be eliminated from the team website. Additionally, changes to the WRAT website and use of Team Unify must be incorporated as seamless interface with WWFY home page.

– Team Unify is being tested by Mark Sedlak and is likely to be implemented for SC 2013.

– Club Leadership Business Seminar is being offered by USA Swimming. Ellen is looking to have a seminar in our area (C&HT). It would be presented by head of Development for Eastern Zone, Peter Clark. We have not been part of such seminars since 2007.

– Clinics will be offered after LC season and during try-outs.

– Registration and Tryouts 2013-14 are being planned for 9/4 and 9/5. Adrienne suggested that Board members be at the tryouts to help check in new swimmers who are trying out to avoid chaos if there is a large turnout like this past year. There will be: preregistration for new swimmers; priority given based on first registered, first served basis; and an increase in late registration or walk-in fee.

The coaches are considering having current swimmers secure their spot for next year by paying a $100 nonrefundable deposit. Some of the details of this still need to be worked out. Alternatively, the board suggested that they Y can offer an incentive to swim families to register early in July by extending monthly payments.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck noted that expense and income are on target with a profit of $3.7K thanks to extra contribution of $2.5K from Pentathlon. Y Nationals Activity will be posted and DAXCO reconciliation will be completed this month. Recognition Night income will be deposited. Due to new families, there will be a small contribution to Registration fees in LC. Budget planning is expected to begin. No fee increases planned for 2013/14. Some expenses are expected for Web Design. Adrienne asked Martha to start working on next year’s budget, and include an increase in the donation to the Y since the Y has asked that we discontinue the large cash gifts to the coaches.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Adrienne Williams reported:

– Nominating Slate for 2013-2014 was presented. Adrienne thanked Nominating Committee for all their hard work. It will be formally voted for approval at Water Rats Parent Club Annual June Meeting. The nominees include:

  • Co-President: Adrienne Williams
  • ExOfficio: Kathy Santarella
  • Co-Treasurers: Martha Corneck and Nicky Wisher
  • PET-Wrat Coordinator: Karin Keith
  • Senior Team Reps: Mike Arman and Sylvia Ortega
  • Age Group Reps: Adrienne Johnston and Charlie Fraas
  • 8/U Reps: Whitney Lenoce and Dana McCreesh
  • Meet Coordinator: Catherine Cunningham
  • Andy McNnab (Co-President), Lisa Krakoff (secretary), and Chris Gannon (USA Swimming Manager) still have one year left in their terms.

– Recognition Night was wonderful. A big thank you to the Age Group representatives for a job well-done.

– Review of Approval of Changes to By-Laws were discussed: to eliminate Athlete Representative position (as seniors do not have time to attend monthly meetings) and to add Co-Treasurer position. Adrienne also discussed with the board the description of responsibilities for parent representatives – Senior Team, Age Group and 8/U – developed by the committee of Ronald Wimer, Whitney Leonce, Sydney Hunter, and Andy McNab. The Board felt the description was good and had only minor modifications.

– Addendum Parents club voted via email to make changes to Parent’s Club By-Laws to eliminate athlete representative and add Co-Treasurer.

– June 6th is date of Water Rats Parents’ Club Annual Meeting. All are welcome and light refreshments will be served.

– Final Parent Club meeting for current season is slated for July 9th.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff