May 2010

Minutes from Board Meeting on May 6, 2010


David Blansfield, Mary Cooperman, Ronald Wimer, Chris Gannon, Mark Sedlak, Andy McNab, Ellen Johnston, Sydney Hunter, Kathy Santarella, Sandy Morrison, Jacquie Tumminia, Adrienne Williams, Sheila Stolarski, Jeanne Bowles.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the March 31 meeting were approved.

USA Swimming

Chris is getting caught up with the AG entries and reconciling the swim cap account. The Board stressed that it was essential that the coaches give Chris accurate information about team swim cap sales.


Kathy has posted the volunteer sign-up sheets for the LC meets. She’s also helping new families (who just joined the team at the start of the LC season) learn the program.

Nominating Committee

The new slate of officers will be posted on the website and voted on at the annual meeting in June.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha was unable to attend the meeting but sent her report to everyone via email. Ron reported that we’re about $3K ahead of where we should be but that will likely change by next month because we lost a budgeted LC meet (the LC Invitational). The Board also discussed grocery coupon sales and whether there was a way to promote the program and offer easier sales, i.e. more sales during meets or at the front desk. Do parents really want an incentive to get their fees back? We currently have an inventory or cards and the program makes no money for us. The Board will discuss the program further at the June meeting.

Other fundraising ideas were also mentioned: collecting bottles, kids babysitting. Everyone felt it was important to make sure the kids were involved in fundraising efforts. Mark will investigate what other teams do.

Coaches’ Report

Schedule Change: The team will attend the Mako Meet instead of the Cheshire Meet on June 27, (8/Unders and 9-12).

Madison Mile and Point to Point: Mark would like to make these both fun team events and encourage the kids to do some open-water swimming. The Board discussed how to best get the kids ready for an ocean swim. Mark will identify those kids he thinks are capable of participating. Jacquie is organizing the Point-to-Point and may create a “mini-mile” for the 8/Unders. The Parent reps will help coordinate a joint AG/Sr. lunch at the beach after the event.

Club Recognition: Jacquie is almost done with the application for Level 2.

LC Parent Meetings: Scheduled for the next couple weeks. They will be videotaped and put on the website.

Daxco: The Y’s new online system is on hold until late June. We won’t be able to do online registration until September.

New Swimmers: The coaches and Board agreed that new families would have to do 5 volunteer points over this LC season.

TMO: Ellen has renewed TMO but we need to update the Meet Manager Software. The Board agreed that she should purchase the upgrade.

Co-President’s Report

Coaches’ Gifts: The Y does not condone our giving cash gifts to the coaches at Recognition Night and soliciting money from parents. We will discontinue this in the future.

Opt-Out Meet Registration: According to our survey, about half the parents like the opt-out process and half would like to opt-in. Mark would prefer that the kids opt-in and the Board discussed the pros and cons. The coaching staff will look into various subscription services and no final decision was made and for the time being we will continue to use the opt-out sheets.

Recognition Night: Ron and David thanked everyone who helped coordinate another fabulous evening. Thank you Jeanne, Andrea, Steph and Ellen! We ended up about $100 over budget and Jeanne recommended that we not use the youth group from CHT since Stews provides its own serving staff. Next year we need to tighten up the speeches a bit, emphasize the accomplishments of everyone.

The Club’s Annual Meeting had been scheduled for June 3, 2010. The board voted by e-mail voted to hold the Annual Meeting on Wednesday June 2, 2010 so more board members could attend.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Cooperman