July 2009

Minutes from Board Meeting on July 8, 2009


Barbara Wiederecht, Bonnie Strittmatter, Jay Chu, Ronald Wimer, Mary Cooperman, Chuck Katter, Jeanne Bowles, Kathy Santarella, Adrienne Williams, Jacquie Tumminia, Martha Corneck, Chris Gannon, Steph Belleveau.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the June 4th meeting were approved.

USA Swimming

Chris is closing out the year and will sit down with Ellen to determine who has left (and will cross reference with Steph to see who hasn’t fulfilled their points requirements). Chris will reconcile these accounts, billing where necessary.


Fewer points were earned this year than last year (6463 as of the meeting date). This is due to the zero-points timing requirement. The upshot of this is that the PC saves money. Steph is concerned, however, because a number of families did not complete their zero-points requirement for Long Course. The board discussed assigning slots for championships. In some instances the children are not swimming in these meets or had left the team. The Board decided NOT to assign at these meets but we would assign slots for the 2009-10 seasons. (Kathy will either send out a letter with each family’s assignment or put it on the website.) For now, Steph will take away points from those families who haven’t completed their zero-points requirement.

Treasurer’s Report

Jay reported that June was a profitable month with over $8000 in net income. This was largely due to a very successful LCI and additional revenue coming in from May’s Senior Invitational.

Year to date, there is a negative variance of $4118. Although there are meet and travel expenses still to pay, Jay anticipates that the accounts may balance (or be in the black) by the end of the year once outstanding amounts are collected (primarily meet fees from other teams).

The Board then discussed several non-budgeted expenses: First, we agreed to have a special end of season/goodbye party for Marta. The new AG reps will work with the outgoing reps to arrange. Second, Barbara reported that she did not think we needed new radios yet. Finally, Bonnie suggested the PC make a donation to the Strong Kids Campaign. The Board agreed and Jay will review the budget to see if this can be done during this fiscal year.

Coaches’ Report

Jacquie introduced herself to those Board members who had not already met her and detailed her background, job responsibilities and reviewed her first couple weeks on the job.

She reported that she’s gotten some strong resumes and is scheduling interviews for an AG coach. She hopes to offer someone the position soon.

Travel expenses were reviewed for all coaches.

Short Course bids were reviewed. The Board agreed to charge $5 per entry next year. We hope to have the Freestyle Frenzy on Nov. 7-8, the Pentathlon on Jan. 23-24 and a Q meet on February 6.

Jacquie is looking ahead to the upcoming Short Course season and discussing practice groups and tryouts with the other coaches. She’d like to create a SuperMeets page on the website for families to indicate if they’re returning. She’s also planning meetings for coaches and parents.

Kelsey will go to the ASCA clinic in September. Jacquie will evaluate whether other coaches should attend as well as look into additional training opportunities. She’ll review the costs with Jay and/or Martha.

Co-Presidents’ Report

YNat’s Funding: The Board discussed funding for swimmers attending Short Course YNats. The Board voted to cap future YNat subsidies at $500 per swimmer, excluding money the National Team may raise through its fundraising efforts. The Board will discuss at a later date how the National Team might raise more money for Short Course YNats.

Funding for Post-Season Advanced Competitions: The Board discussed whether the Y should pick up certain line items, such as travel. This would involve moving about $20,000 out of the Parent Club budget to the Y’s budget and results in a reduction in PET-WRAT fees. Chuck, Ron and Jay will discuss with Shin.

Expo Planning: Expo will be held on Sept. 13 from 2-4. (Tryouts will be the 8th and 9th.) Ron and Mary will update the registration pdfs. Steph will write non-compliance letters and Chuck will review. Jeanne will work with Ellen and come up with new logo wear choices (chairs, nylon shorts, etc.) Adrienne will set up a table to answer questions and recruit parents for meet management. Chuck also suggested doing another Board orientation at the first meeting.

Club Recognition Program: The Board agreed to review this in September. Chuck indicated he was willing to take this on and will work with Jacquie.

Meet Management: Everyone agreed that the LCI worked very well because it was broken into small jobs, many of which were completed before the meet began. One person didn’t have to be at every session. We will try and replicate this success next year. Chuck and Adrienne will brainstorm ways to make all of our meets more manageable, such as have a volunteer coordinator for each session.

The next meeting will be Thursday, September 3, 2009.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Cooperman