March 2009

Minutes from Board Meeting on March 4 2009


Mary Cooperman, Bonnie Strittmatter, Jay Chu, Jill Nadel, Chuck Katter, Ron Wimer, David Blansfield, Steph Belleveau, Jeanne Bowles, Chris Gannon, Adrienne Williams, Ellen Johnston, Jeremy Howard.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the February 5th and February 12 meetings were approved.

USA Swimming

Chris reported that all money has been collected from every family. The books are up to date up to Regionals.


There are nearly 26 families that have not completed their zero-points assignments. There are still two meets left (Seniors and AG’s) where parents can volunteer, and Steph will have a final report in April.

Coaches’ Report

Jeremy reported that the team had a great Regional meet and the boys won the meet (overall)! Personal best ribbons are being done and the AG and NE entries are being completed.

Ellen then gave an update on meet bids for Long Course. Apparently there are a number of other teams who requested the same weekend we did. Ellen put in for a two-day meet in mid-June (and we can do one day if we want.) CT Swimming has a new process for assigning meets and Ellen expects to hear their decision shortly.


Bonnie and Andrea are redrafting the PC Bylaws with the new board structure (i.e., the new Fundraising Coordinator and Meet Coordinator board positions.) They will send a copy to everyone via email and would like any comments or changes promptly so we can vote on the new draft in April.

Treasurer’s Report

Year to date profit is essentially on plan at $52,900. The significant favorable variances in volunteer non-compliance receipts ($8600), coaches expenses ($3100), equipment purchases ($1100) and officials expenses ($1000) are offset by unfavorable variances in meet income ($5800) driven by the cancellation of the Q Meet which was in the budget, unbudgeted website development costs ($4000), PET-WRAT fees ($2240), cap purchases in excess of sales ($1700) and unbudgeted team anniversary celebration expenses ($1500). Cash balances are essentially at the same levels as this time last year.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Sr. Award’s Committee: Steph volunteered to work with the coaches in selecting this year’s Senior award recipients.

P&E Follow up:

  • Website: Bonnie, Ron, Mary, Jeremy and Ellen are all working on the new website and it should be ready to launch before Long Course.
  • Fundraising: We will focus on this when the new Fundraising Coordinator comes aboard.
  • Volunteerism/education: Chuck will take the lead. Steph, Mary and Ellen all volunteered to discuss, meet and report on the action items that came up at the P&E meeting.

Mahackeno: The Y has hired a consultant who will reconfigure the interior of the new facility. They will also soon be hiring a firm to do a fundraising feasibility study. It will be very difficult to begin a capital campaign given the current economic climate and the next few months will be crucial to the move.

Rob Reeves to YNats: Ron proposed that the PC pay for Rob to go to YNats. He can familiarize himself with the team, parents and see how good our team is. He would also have an opportunity to see other Y executives and hear about what other pool facilities strong swim teams have and hopefully get him fully supportive of a 50-meter pool at Mahackeno. The board appropriated $700 for his flight and hotels.

60th Anniversary: Jeanne will have quotes from four different caterers by the end of the week. Ron and Mary are completing the invitations and the entire committee is making every effort to keep costs down.

Recognition Night: Jeanne has gotten quotes of about $15/head. She hopes to get the price down a little more and then we will finalize a price structure for swimmers and adults. We will also make a $500 donation to the CHT Church Youth Group who will help out that evening. There will be other miscellaneous costs such as renting the grill, the AV equipment, etc. Jeanne has also looked into gifts for the swimmers. There will be trophies for the 8/unders and water bottles for the older kids. We’ll use the new 60th anniversary logo on the water bottles. Jeanne is also going to ask her contact to price some additional logo wear items such as deck chairs and duffle bags which we can have available for in the next few months.

Website: Ron showed the Board mock-ups of the new website. Everyone loved it!

The next meeting will be April 2, 2009.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Cooperman