January 2009

Minutes from Board Meeting on January 8, 2009


Bonnie Strittmatter, Jay Chu, Ron Wimer, Mary Cooperman, Jeremy Howard, Barbara Wiederecht, Chris Gannon, Ellen Johnston, Jill Nadel, Adrienne Williams, Martha Corneck.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the previous meeting on Dec. 3, 2008, were unanimously approved.

Tragic News

Ellen began the meeting with some sad news. Bridget and Peter Lambo’s son Aidan passed away. Ellen will find out what arrangements are being made and the team will send a flower arrangement, basket, etc. to express our condolences.

USA Swimming

Two families still need to pay their fees. Ron and Jeremy agreed that if fees were not paid promptly the swimmers would not be entered in future meets. Chris is up to date on all else, and the USA Swimming balance sheet is clean and complete.

Coaches’ Report

A third full-time coach, Kelsey Slater, is about to start who will do the 8/unders and be on deck for some of the 9/10 practices. Kelsey was previously with OMNI and is a graduate of SCSU.

Three teams were entered for the 8/under meet. We are a little short on officials but Jeremy is anticipating a few late sign-ups and expects to get help from the other teams. To date, six teams are signed up for the Pentathlon (Jan 24-25) and he and Ellen anticipate a full meet.

Treasurer’s Report

Jay sent in a tax return request and expects everything re our 2008 taxes in the next few weeks. There were very few transactions in December and overall it was a very quiet month. There were $2,800 in expenses, largely due to the coaches’ holiday gifts and red and blue meet caps. We also had $1,100 in revenue from the Freestyle Frenzy entries. Jay complimented the meet managers and coaches for a very successful meet both in terms of numbers AND organization. Year to date, net income is $61,200 versus a budget of $54,400. The positive variance of $6800 is largely due to the payment of Pet Wrat and non-compliance fees.

Although we had budgeted for the Q meet, which did not take place, we’ve had a higher net income than expected with the Freestyle Frenzy and lower coaches expenses. Jay did add that we’re not quite as much ahead as it looks since some coaches’ expenses have not been submitted yet. On the other hand he had not initially budgeted for the 8/under meet and hopefully that meet along with a successful Pentathlon will add to our revenue.


Ron reported on behalf of Steph, who could not attend the meeting, that 74 families have fulfilled their zero-points timing requirement but that over 50 have not. Steph will update the sign-up lists so that there are more zero-points slots available and will continue to follow up via email with those families who are delinquent. The board also agreed that Ron should post their names on the website which will hopefully motivate them to volunteer!

Co-Presidents’ Report

Nominating Committee: A nominating committee needs to be formed for the upcoming year. Adrienne Williams graciously agreed to be the Board representative on that committee. Ron will put a notice on the website for additional volunteers.

P&E Meeting: The board discussed whether we should hold a Planning and Evaluation Meeting this year or whether we should conduct a parent survey instead. Barbara thought a survey would give us opinions from a broader cross section of parents. Bonnie, however, reminded the board how difficult and costly it is to create a truly effective survey. Ron suggested that we hold a P&E meeting at the end of February but that we create a focus group to ensure that we get a range of opinions. The Board agreed that the AG reps would each solicit a few parents. Ellen also suggested that the P&E meeting must include a discussion of Mahackeno as the Y begins planning both the building layout and the fundraising campaign. It will be a great way to get parents involved. Ron will coordinate with the Y on the time/place for the meeting.

Recognition Night: Confirmed for May 1 at BMS. We will continue to provide food although most likely not from Bobby Q’s. Fortuna’s and Angelina’s were suggested as alternatives as was BMS, which might provide a menu. This year we may charge parents (even a little extra to cover expenses) but swimmers will continue to come free of charge.

60th Anniversary Party: Bill and Bob have both agreed to come back and attend both recognition night and the anniversary party on May 2. Ron has tentatively booked the Cobbs Mill Inn and the Board authorized $1000 for the deposit. At the same time, Ellen is investigating the possibility of inviting an Olympian to attend and is working on the guest list.

The Board also discussed how much the Parent’s Club should spend on this event. It is not intended to be a fundraiser but rather a “feel-good celebration” of the team. Following the party, alums and parents will be approached for donations to Mahackeno when the Y’s capital campaign begins in earnest. Jay reported that we do have funds available and it would be a good vehicle to kick off fundraising later. There was also discussion of getting some of our money off the books since we are a non-profit and we do not want that status challenged.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for February 5.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Cooperman
Addition 1/19/09: The Board agreed via email to accept the bid for the redesign of the website. Ron’s email is attached.