October 2008

Minutes from Board Meeting on October 2, 2008


Bonnie Strittmatter, Chuck Katter, Ronald Wimer, Mary Cooperman, Jeanne Bowles, Jill Nadel, Ellen Johnston, Jay Chu, Kathy Santarella, Adrienne Williams, Jeremy Howard, Barbara Wiederecht, Chris Gannon.

Coachs’ Report

Staffing: Jeremy is looking for a third, full-time coach (a “Head Assistant Coach”) and hopes to hire someone by the beginning of the LC season. Barbara suggested a former 8/under coach from New Canaan who is reportedly leaving NC as a possibility and Jeremy will look into it.

The current Wrat coaching situation is as follows:

Jeremy: Blue, Advanced, Sr. 3
Ellen: Sr. 1&2
Stacy: Red
Marta/Peter/Kate: Intermediate group (although Jeremy is on deck, too)

Jeremy then discussed the large number of kids per lane. He hopes it’s simply “first-week syndrome” and that numbers will even out over time. He predicts having 214 swimmers this year and should have additional retention statistics for the next meeting.

Expo: The team will investigate ways to improve Expo, including the possibility of online registration and/or a “mini-Expo” for new swimmers. The Y is currently putting a new payment system into place and we may be able to piggyback on it for program fees. (Due to accounting procedures the Parent Club fees will still need to be paid by check.) A work group will be set up after the holidays to determine the efficacy of the Expo v. an online system.

Parent Meetings: Jeremy is planning to hold parent meetings on Oct. 18 during practice. These meetings are geared to 8/under and AG parents. He asked that board members come to discuss our roles, volunteer requirements, etc. Barbara also suggested that he have a sign-up sheet for Freestyle Frenzy volunteers at the same time.

Direct Athletics: There were some initial problems with Direct Athletics sign-ups but the issues have been corrected and the sign-up period for few of the meets was extended to accommodate anyone who had difficulties.

Short Course Nationals: Andrew Grinalds and Chris Wiederecht will attend along with Ellen, Dec. 4-6.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the previous meeting on Sept. 4, 2008, were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report

The final balance sheet and profit/loss statement has been completed and Jay reported that for the year (2007-2008) we came in roughly where we thought. Although we had overall higher per-meet revenue and no travel meet this year, the final net loss is $6152 due to the extra Y payment, lower coupon sales, incremental banquet expenses and USA Swimming and inventory write offs. Looking at the September budget, we collected $49,900 in PET-Wrat fees at Expo and $4165 in non-compliance fees. Currently we have $3400 in checks that haven’t been deposited yet and fees from 14 new/returning swimmers still outstanding. Overall despite the late additions, PET-Wrat fees are on track and all fees should be collected by October. Jay also reported that the car wash generated $334 and $9700 worth of coupons were sold at EXPO. The budget has been updated to reflect the latest information and remains balanced at zero profit.

There was also discussion regarding other areas we will now charge for. These included charging for relays, charging caps to USA Swimming accounts and charging an automatic $50 to swimmer’s USA Swimming accounts when their funds get low—an “advance.” We could also deduct non-compliance fees from any monies left over before refunding USA Swimming accounts. The “advance” generated the most discussion because Barbara has tried this in the past but it has not been successful. Chris will review the options and see if she can come up with a workable solution.

President’s Report

PET-WRAT: Steph Belleveau was unable to be at the meeting but Chuck reported that she was in the process of updating emails and would have the online system up and running within the week.

Senior Social: Very well attended, with more than 45 swimmers. Jeanne is looking at dates for a second event.

Parent Social: Heidi Schley has graciously offered her home for the event. It will be on November 16 at 5 pm. Ron will create an online invitation.

Citrus: In the past the sale was most successful when parents were required to sell three boxes. The Board agreed that we would institute this requirement again this year. They can be donated to a food pantry if parents desire. Chuck would contact Holly.

Website: There have been a number of complaints about the current website. Although Ron has done an excellent job keeping it up to date, it ultimately requires a redesign and more stringent administration. Jeremy and Ron met with Daron Rosenberg who is presently redesigning the Y’s site. Daron hopes to have a prototype completed in October. It is Ron’s hope that the team can use this new design as a basis for creating our own, unique site. One example of what the site might look like is the one Ron created for the Staples Girls Swim Team (girls.stapleswimming.com)

Message Alert System: This should be up and running by Thanksgiving (assuming everyone’s emails are correct.)

Freestyle Frenzy Update

Kathy Santarella is well underway in planning the Freestyle Frenzy. Medals have been ordered and the volunteer sign-up will be online very soon. Heat sheets would be used as the program again (parents love that!) and for space reasons all volunteer meetings will take place in the lobby rather than the pool area.

Board of Director’s Responsibilities and Procedures

Bonnie reviewed the Parent Club bylaws and distributed binders that included our volunteer policies, code of conduct, governing principles, etc. She stressed that our role is “dry side”. We DO NOT handle coaching or pool decisions. There was some discussion about our role as a 501(3)(c) organization and we may need to have a compliance review in the future. (We may need additional documentation as a non-profit, for instance.) The Board will also need to review/revise the bylaws, i.e. volunteer positions need updating.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for November 6.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Cooperman