Annual Meeting June 10, 2021


Minutes for the Annual Meeting of June 10, 2021

A quorum was achieved, and the meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Charles Shapiro.  A motion was made to call the meeting to order.  The motion was seconded.

  • Safe Sport (Amy Leahy):  The team is seeking to be Safe Sport Certified. 
    • Parents have been asked to complete Safe Sport Training (approximately 50 minutes).  Starting with Senior parents, will extend to younger parents.
    • By-Laws Amendment:  Took existing language from By-Laws and inserted language reflecting responsibilities of Safe Sport Coordinator, a position required for team to be Safe Sport Certified.
    • About a dozen CT swim teams have become Safe Sport Certified.  They are teams we have a lot of interaction with.
  • Proposed By-Laws Amendment: 
    • Advance notice of the proposed amendment to the By-Laws was given. 
    • Keeps information on position fka “Team Safety Coordinator” renames  position to “Safe Sport Coordinator” and adds language referencing USA Swimming Safe Sport Program.
    • A motion was made to approve the amendment, motion was seconded.  Motion was unanimously passed. 
    • RESOLVED that the following amendment to the By-Laws  has been approved:
      • At “Article IX: APPOINTED VOLUNTEER POSITIONS AND COMMITTEES, Section 1. Appointed Volunteer Positions:” replace the position of “Team Safety Coordinator” as follows: 
    • Safe Sport Club CoordinatorTeam Safety Coordinator: Shall recruit safety marshals for all meets sponsored by the Club. The Safe Sport Club CoordinatorTeam Safety Coordinator shall keep apprised of safety policies promulgated by CT Swimming and USA Swimming and shall update the Team’s Safety Policy as necessary. Safe Sport Club Coordinator shall also be a non-athlete member of USA Swimming responsible for providing information needed to comply with the bi-annual application for the USA Swimming Safe Sport Club Recognition Program. 
  • Vote for Slate of Board of Directors:
    •  Advance notice of proposed slate of Board of Candidates was given re: proposed slate.  No additional candidates were submitted. 
  • Motion was made to approve, motion was seconded.  Motion was unanimously passed.

                       RESOLVED that the following slate of Board Candidates is approved:

           Charles Shapiro – Co-President

           Monika DeFelice – Secretary

           Mark McDermott – Co-Officials Coordinator (returning)

           Candace Twiss – PET-WRAT Coordinator

           Adrienne Williams – USA Swimming Manager

           Melanie Ruggieri – 8U Parent Representative

           Open – 8U Parent Representative

           Showky Kaldaway – Age Group Representative

            Allison Arnett– Age Group Representative

            Rachel Kushel – Senior Representative

            Shanta Ozgen – Senior Representative

            Open – Athlete Representative

            Open – Athlete Representative

Additionally, the following Board members that were elected in 2020 for two year terms and will continue in their positions for 2021-22:  Berkley Murray (Co-President), Kim Massa Ripka (Co-Treasurer), Martha Corneck (Co-Treasurer), Aimee White-Charles (Meet Coordinator), and Jackie Austin (Co-Officials Chair).

  • Co-Presidents Reports (Berkley Murray)
  • The purpose of the Club shall be to support the Westport Weston Family YMCA Water Rat (WRAT) Swim Team under the rules of the YMCA and USA Swimming as follows: To promote competitive swimming by affording swimmers the opportunity to learn and to develop their skills and by instilling good sportsmanship and team loyalty in the spirit of the YMCA; To raise funds to be used for the benefit of the program and its participants; To maintain and manage an annual budget for the Club that provides financial support for the program and its participants; To assist the coaches and Westport Weston Family YMCA staff in the administrative and clerical duties associated with a competitive swimming program; and, To organize and conduct social functions for the participants of the program
    • Team numbers were maintained even with COVID. 
    • Team was able to run 5 meets during COVID. 
    • We will also be able to have our annual banquet this Sunday.  Response has been tremendous at 334 attendees.
  • Recognition Banquet (Jess Slippen)
    • Banquet will be held this Sunday 6/13 2-5:30 pm.
    • Taco Loco will provide food via food trucks.
    • 334 RSVPs.
    • Schedule:
      • 2-4pm Food trucks and socialization.
      • 4-4:30 head to logs, award presentations and coaches’ speeches.
  • Treasurer’s Report (Martha C.)
    • Parents Club is in financially good shape.
    • Last year, in absence of meet income, main source of revenue was approx $20,000 in PET-WRAT fees and approx $2,000 in fundraising.
    • Fixed obligations:  primarily licenses (coaches and tech), insurance and tax preparation.
    • Variable obligations:  official registrations, banquet, awards and team gifts, scholarship funds. 
    • Net income of approx $6,000 through end of fiscal year (August)
  • Officials Report (Mark McDermott)
    • 15 officials (including trainees) on the roster.  5 of those do not have current swimmers on the team.
    • Fairly easy/ straightforward process to become an official. has the process.
    • We need more officials.  Takes about 8 officials on deck/ session for a swim meet.
  • Coaches Report (Ellen J.)
    • COVID era is finally coming to an end. 
    • The program is vibrant and strong.  Approx. 221 swimmers were on the team when the season started in September, we had prepared for lower numbers.
    • Were able to run in-house meets (“Return to Competition”), designed by CT swimming to have as few swimmers on deck as possible.
    • Swimming was one of the most restricted sports from early December – late January.  Entire coaching staff stepped up to meet the new demand. For perspective: in the fall we were at approx 37 hours/ week (31.5 hrs in the water + dryland).  From December- January, when only 4 swimmers could be in the pool,  increased to 65 hrs/ week (39.5 swim hours + dryland)
    • Great pride that we were able keep entire team in the water.
    • Notwithstanding the positive, there are still things that can be done better.  We will get early season parent meeting back on calendar.  Hoping to get dryland back into curriculum for more practice groups.  Looking for more social activities (aware that this suffered), for both swimmers and parents.
    • Team handbook is being revised for greater clarity.
    • Swim meets are back and we have received bid packet to apply to host meets at the Y.
    • Water Rat Parents Club have been supportive and encouraging during this challenging time.
    • Selection 2021 Olympic team begins this Sunday.  Already looking toward prepping swimmers  for 2024 qualifying times.
    • True WRAT spirit was evidenced when the team pulled together in 48 hours to cheer a young, terminally ill boy whose last wish was to swim and have a pizza party.

Motion was made to adjourn, motion was seconded.  Motion was unanimously passed.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:53 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Monika DeFelice, Secretary
Water Rats Parents’ Club