March 2021


Minutes for the Meeting of March 4, 2021

Board Members:

Charles Shapiro (Co-President)
Berkeley Murray (Co-President)
Amy Leahy (Safe Sport/ Fundraising)
Kim Ripka (Co-Treasurer)
Adrienne Williams (USA Swimming Manager)
Candace Twiss (PET-WRAT Volunteer Coordinator)
Aimee White-Charles (Meet Coordinator)
Mark McDermott (Co- Official)
Jackie Austin (Co- Official)
Allison Arnett (8U Parent Representative)
Rachel Kushel (Senior Parent Rep)
Shantha Ozgen (Senior Parent Rep)
Melanie Ruggieri (AG Representative)
Showky Kaldaway  (AG Parent Representative)
Ellen Johnston (Coach)

A quorum was achieved, and the meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Charles S..

Charles S. motioned to approve the minutes of February 4, 2021. Mark M.. seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

RESOLVED that the minutes from the February 4, 2021 meeting, as presented to the Committee are approved.

  • Coaches Report/ Update (Ellen J.):
    • Feb Meet:  Thank you for helping meet run smoothly.
    • COVID-19:  Looking for specifics from states to see effect on swimming.  Waiting for any new guidance.
    • Sarah Mesavage (8U coach) is resigning effective March 16 for professional opportunities.   Hoping for 8U meet her last weekend.  Michelle and Jamie will step in.
    • March 19-21:  Dual Meet with Cheshire.  Approved by CT Swimming. Still working on logistics re cohort warmups, etc.
    • Spring Awards/ Banquet:  Would like to do something up at logs (Mahackeno).  Ellen has mentioned to the Y.  Goal is to do something before Memorial Day.
  • Co-President Report (Charles S.):
    •  “Water is My Sky” documentary coming out in Spring.   Could be an opportunity for an outdoor fundraiser.
    • A number of teams can’t get access to refs/ pools.  Consider whether hosting dual meets could be an income source if it works with our/ Y schedule. 
  • Fundraising (Amy L.): 
    • Consider whether food trucks could replace concessions as fundraiser for team.  Ellen J. concerned re:  foot traffic since Y is not interested in expanding hours.  Ellen J. to ask Y if additional approvals are needed.
  • Safe Sport (Amy L.)
    • Safe Sport Recognized – to get certification need to complete several steps.  Based on a point system to be recognized. 
      • Requires a certain percentage of parents to complete training.  Approx. 26 parents.  Question whether the officials automatically count towards the 26.
      • Required training to be completed by a certain percentage of 12+ and older athletes. 
      • Requires Safe Sport Coordinator – Amy L. has done training.  A separate Y email will be set up for safe sport coordinator for parent questions/ concerns. 
      • Will require changes to By-laws.
      • Will put something together to go out to parents.
  • USA Swimming Escrow Account Manager Report (Adrienne W.):
    • Not much to report.  168 Families/ 211 Swimmers. Escrow is sufficient.
  • Treasurers Report  (Kim R.):
    • Not much to report. Well within budget.
    • Charles S. asked for a refreshed recommendation from Merrill Lynch re: investment.
  • PET–WRAT Report (Candace T.): 
    • Meet Report:  For last meet certain parents didn’t wait the requested period before signing up (ie families who have worked previously).  Candace and Adrienne are brain storming how to better administer.  Consider offering to families who haven’t worked before circulating sign ups to team.
    • 61 Families have not worked this year (includes 13 8U Families).  
  • Nominating Committee:  Several parents have expressed interest in joining the board. Nominating committee will respond/confirm that interested applicants understand commitment of board members and limited availability of board appointed positions. 
  • Meet Manager Report (Aimee W.):
    • Live Barn:  Y is negotiating contract which has expanded to include gymnastics.
  • Officials Report (Mark M.):  February meet was well covered.  Looking for new officials.  Email should be going out shortly to solicit interest/ advise that some training opportunities are coming back

Mark M. moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion was seconded.  All voted in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:39 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Monika DeFelice, Secretary
Water Rats Parents’ Club