December 2019

Minutes for the Meeting of December 5, 2019

Board Members: Charles Shapiro
(Co-President) Whitney Ross
(Co-President) Ngassam Ngoumen (Ex
Officio) Berkley Murray (Fundraising)
Candace Twiss (PET-WRAT
Coordinator) Martha Corneck
(Co-Treasurer) Gretchen Hutchinson (Sr
Parent Rep) Tina Lynch (AG Parent Rep)
Kris ne Lefebvre (8&U Parent Rep) Kris n
Adams (Sr Parent Rep) Morgan Lenoce
(Athlete Rep) Richard Nolan (Athlete
Rep) Ellen Johnston (Head Coach) Lori
Blessey (Meet Coordinator) Amy Leahy
(Safety/ Concessions Coordinator)

A quorum was achieved, and the meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Charles S.

Minutes: Ngassam N. motioned to approve the minutes of November 7, 2019. Kristine L. seconded. All voted in favor.
RESOLVED that the minutes from the November 7, 2019 meeting, as presented to the Committee are approved.

Agenda Items :
• Air system (Ellen J.): Ventilation improvements to be started 12/9. Work and testing to take until approximately 1/6. Impacts on practice schedule to be determined.
• Survey (Ellen J.): Draft survey circulated to Board Members. Questions should be designed to solicit objective information. Comments to be sent to Whitney R. and Charles S. prior to next Board meeting.
• Pink Plunge: For next year, athletes on team to present check. Athlete reps to provide dates that will work for athletes.
• Bulletin Board (Ellen J.): Original board was too large. Proposed 3’x4’ board. To be installed at low end of ramp to observation deck. Proposals circulated to board – vinyl vs corkboard for materials. Ask
property manager which materials will hold up better in a chlorine environment.

Co-Presidents’ Report
(Charles. S.):
• Volunteer Process: For the most part, changes were well received. Additional proposed changes to be considered to refine policy: (i) should there be one volunteer slot/family, (ii) managing the rush to sign up. If additional chances to be implemented, proposed changes will be circulated in advance of Board Meeting.

Coaches’ Report
(Ellen J.)
• Mid-Season Meets: Chelsea Piers (9&O), Cheshire (last minute change because of issues with last years 8U meet), MIT.
• Pancake Breakfast: Looking to change date of Pancake Breakfast, because not all schools back in session by the original proposed date.
• Dryland Update: Intent is to enhance movement and flexibility (especially for younger swimmers). Encourage stretching for next couple weeks, esp. with upcoming meets. Limited space availability limits program. Requested more space availability as Y completes renovations. Has been considered in budget for next year.
Requested equipment:
• Meet laptop; Ellen to work with Marta C. to provide
• Wedges on blocks, logo is star ng to peel so will need new
• Update Colorado Timing System (through capital budget request).
System is antiquated.

Fundraising (Berkley M.): Baseline fundraising – needs will come and go, but we should have a baseline program.
• Spirit-wear: Sales not so much for fundraising, but for team bonding. Sales
appear to be down (final report pending), but team is smaller because of roster caps.
• Looking into Ford test drive in Spring. Would be open to Y membership as well as swim team.
• Work in progress: Lecture series covering discussion nutrition, visualization, etc. (to be discussed: Berkley M., Whitney R. & Ellen J.)

Concessions (Amy L.): Generally successful. Need concession manager for
Y states.
• Investment Committee Update (Charles S.): There has been a meeting with private banker from Merrill Lynch. Discussed club needs, amount available to invest, risk appetite etc. Should have proposal by next Board meeting.

USA Swimming Escrow Account Manager Report (Charles S. on behalf of Adrienne W.):
• 181 families; 220 swimmers. 1 family overdrawn ($33). Everything is

Treasurers Report (Marta C):
• Account markers on target or better than expected.
• Home meet profitability – data still incoming. To be presented next Board

PET–WRAT Report (Candace T.):
• 182 families; 24 families haven’t worked. Better than last

Meet Manager Report (LoriB.) :
• Nothing to report.
• Y states is next meet.

Parents Reps : Nothing to report

Athlete Reps : Nothing to report.

Ngassam N. moved to adjourn the meeting and Charles S.. seconded. All voted in favor.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:09 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Monika DeFelice,
Secretary Water Rats
Parents’ Club