October 2019

Minutes for the Meeting of October 3, 2019

Board Members:
Charles Shapiro (Co-President)
Whitney Ross (Co-President)
Ngassam Ngoumen (Ex Officio)
Martha Corneck (Co-Treasurer)
Yanli Li (Co-Treasurer)
Jackie Austin (Officials Co-Coordinator)
Mark McDermott (Officials Co-Coordinator)
Candace Twiss (PET-WRAT Coordinator)
Amy Leahy (Safety/ Concessions Coordinator)
Lori Blessey (Meet Coordinator)
Kristen Lefebvre (8U Parent Rep)
Kristen Adams (Sr Parent Rep)
Leslie Kickham (AG Parent Rep)
Adrienne Williams (USA Swimming Coordinator)
Rob Urban (Coach)
Ellen Johnston (Head Coach)
A quorum was achieved, and the meeting was called to order at 7:03p.m. by Charles S.

Jackie A. motioned to approve the minutes. Whitney R. seconded. All voted in favor.
RESOLVED that the minutes from the September 19, 2019 meeting, as presented to the Committee are approved.

Co-Presidents’ Report (Charles. S.):
• Safety Coordinator Role:
• Charles S. motioned to approve Amy Leahy as the Safety/ Concessions
Coordinator. Mark M. seconded. All voted in favor.
RESOLVED that Amy Leahy is the Safety/Concessions Coordinator
Parking/Concessions Update (Amy L.)
• 2 Mini-Meets this weekend.
• Requesting police officer for each meet – off duty or retired PO for paid
position. Parent volunteers available for parking coordination for both
Concessions: Sign up genius for donations was filled within 48 hours.
Survey: Will be out at tail part of SC season. Suggested that revised draft of survey to be circulated in about 2 weeks.
Feedback from All-Parents Meeting: No feedback from attendees to report from members; except concern raised that meeting was held on holiday weekend. Next year consider weekday. Representatives from the parent’s club should attend. Consider having a separate session for tutoring session on Team Unify. Also consider offering a second date for parents who missed first meeting. Adrienne/ Ellen to give coordinate date for second meeting.
Sign up Process re: Timing of Home Meets:
• Parents concerned about higher fees for not meeting volunteer points
• Perception that “eager beavers” taking up all sign ups. Consider whether there is a point in season where parents needing to make points would have a window to sign up first.
• Other possible solutions discussed.
• After next board meeting: Send out a solution.
Parent’s Social (11/23): Shapiro’s hosting. 7-9pm.
Ideas for Fund Raising: Tremendous attendance at dryland. But give it a couple of weeks to see if it continues. Consider fundraiser for purpose of purchasing swim specific equipment for dryland.
WRATs Bulletin Board: Various styles available. Size is approx 74”x48”. Leaning towards standard casing (not illuminated). Cost approximately $600 and $900 options depending on materials. Charles S. to furnish pictures for Ellen to decide. Location: TBD where Ellen and Y think best – hallway before the observation area/ more visible location if purpose is to celebrate the team as well as team announcements, pictures of coaches, etc.

Coaches’ Report (Ellen J.)
• New 8U coach has been hired. Waiting for bio for the website.
• Consider extra person on deck for Red/ younger swimmers
• Pentathlon is small – Westport vs Weston 12/U meet
• 8U Meet: To be approx 1 – 1.5 hour meet
• Pink Plunge: Consider rubber duck in central location to get penny/ coin donations. Waiting to see if Y will approve.
• Dryland: For the most part positive feedback from trainer.
• We should let parents know that if you click on Swim Outlet link on team webpage, it will raise money for team.

USA Swimming Escrow Account Manager Report (Adrienne W.): 184 families; 222 swimmers. Escrow is in good shape. No one is overdrawn. 1 pending swimmer to register on TU.

Treasurers Report (Martha C.)
• Pet-WRAT fees collected are currently more than budgeted, but this may decrease if families resign
• Non-compliance fees collected were higher than last year; this is to be expected because the team was larger last year.
• PET–WRAT Report (Candace T.): Nothing to report. All jobs filled for upcoming meets this weekend.

Meet Manager Report (Lori B.) : Covered above

Officials Report (Mark M & Jackie A) :
• Losing several officials this year.
• 6 new officials have been recruited, but probably not fully certified until January
• Will host stroke and turn clinic in-house 10/17. Possibly host a second one if interest.
• Send reminder for reimbursable costs to be submitted (new officials will not be reimbursed until fully certified)

Parents Reps: Nothing to report

Charles Shapiro moved to adjourn the meeting and Mark M. seconded. All voted in favor.

Respectfully submitted,
Monika DeFelice, Secretary
Water Rats Parents’ Club