April 2019


Minutes for the Meeting of April 11th, 2019

Board Members:

Ngassam Ngnoumen (Co-President), Amy Leahy (Co-President), Lorraine Kennedy (Secretary), Michelle Kennedy (Athlete Rep), Jackie Austin (Officials Co-Coordinator), Tina Lynch(8U Parent Rep), Dina Carlson (AG Parent Rep), Eileen Nolan (SR Parent Rep), Dan Lacugna (Co-Treasuser), Martha Corneck (Ex Officio), Adrienne Williams (USA Escrow Account Manager), Rob Urban (Head Development Coach) and Ellen Johnston (Head Coach). 

A quorum was achieved, and the meeting was called to order. 


Ngassam Ngnoumen called the meeting to order.  Minutes from March 6th, 2019 meeting will be reviewed and approved via email or at next meeting.

RESOLVED that the minutes from the March 6th, 2019 meeting, as presented to the Committee, will be approved via email.

  • Updates and General Topics
    • Banquet Update
      • Donations for Raffle from many sources
        • Adrienne will send out reminder and notice of last day to RSVP
        • 250 committed to banquet to date
        • Decorations – balloons and fish bowls which will be raffled off
    • Air Quality Meeting
      • Air Quality updates have been sent out to membership.
    • 2nd Workstream – Swim meet income and proposed model for next year
      • Amy Leahy provided a detailed report on the 2018-2019 vs. 2019-2020 Meet Season Comparison.  Suggestions for a varied format were presented and will be researched.
    • Nominating Report – Open positions are:
      • Concessions Y States
        • Safety Marshall
        • Computer Operator
        • Co-Treasurer
    • Town Hall Meetings & Survey
    • Transfer of Funds to YMCA
  • Coaches Report presented by Ellen JohnstonChampionship meets were well represented.  AG did well at the Eastern Zones and Seniors did well at Y Nationals.  The National team was surprised with the addition of Frisk to the coaches bench.Alec Keblish won the Adolph Kiefer award for 2019 at Y Nationals. Entries have been submitted for LC meets.  We will be starting with the 10U meet. Matthew Torres had an outstanding performance at the Para meet in Indianapolis in the 400M FR.  He has committed to Fairfield University. Senior Spring Invitational is moving along, and Kathy will be there to run the computer.
  • USA Swimming Escrow Account Manager Report presented by Adrienne Williams
  • Escrow Families 210; 247 Swimmers
  • Escrow Balance $1,977.38
  • 4 families are overdrawn for a total amount of $118.25; largest amount $42
  • 25 short course meets have been billed
  • Expecting 2 more registrations now and potentially 1 or 2 more seniors as well.
  • Treasurers Report presented by Dan LagunaTotal Income:  $95,824.62; Total Expenses $47,778.99; Current Operating Income $48,045.63.$7,017 is dedicated to Pink Plunge donation and should be adjusted out of overall income.
  • PET-WRAT Report presented by Ngassam Ngnoumen for Candace Twiss
  • Nothing new to report.
  • Meet Manager Report presented by Ngassam Ngnoumen for Lori Blessey
  • Nothing new to report.
  • Officials Report presented by Jackie Austin
  • WRAT team was well represented at Regional Championships and Cheshire by officials.
  • Parents and Athlete Reps Reports
  •  May 21st will be Shake Shack night.  All visitors that are there on behalf of the WRATs will contribute to a donation from Shake Shack to the team.
  • Co-Presidents Report presented by Ngassam Ngnoumen and Amy LeahyTransfer of annual funds to YMCA – Board agreed in discussion upon elimination of set amount of annual contribution.  Accommodations to the YMCA include potentially offering a reasonable share of annual net profits or making a donation for upgrades and improvements after consideration for funds needed for scholarships, financial assistance, etc.  Current context faced: underperforming meet income and WRAT swim team fees that are quite competitive with the market.Town Hall Meeting scheduled for May 4th.Annual survey is due this year.  Ngassam Ngnoumen will spearhead survey.Thank you to all who served on the Nominating Committee.

Ngassam Ngnoumen moved to adjourn the meeting and Dan Lacugna seconded.  All voted in favor.   The next meeting is slated for Wednesday, May 1st at 7PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorraine Kennedy,
SecretaryWater Rats Parents’ Club