41 Water Rats Make the CT Top 16

Forty-one swimmers who swam with the Water Rats during all or part of the 2016-2017 Swim Year were named as Top 16 Connecticut Swimmers.  They include:

Kate Murray
Annam Olasewere
Ayaan Olasewere
Jude Gussen
Andrew Berkowitz
Shawn Chang
Michael Ivanov
Caroline Begg
NouNou Chang
Jacob Lee
Riley Twiss
Regan Ryan
Nathan Wang
Stanley Yarmoussik
Nick Lott
Sarah Grinalds
Simona Visinski
Willow Woods
Michelle Kennedy
Caroline Sargent
Jack Gray
Nicolas Ortega
Jake Ritz
Dash Hunter
John McNab
Jacob West
Richard Nolan
Josiah Tarrant
Scott Adler
Blake Rainey
Austin Twiss
Katie Thornton
Monica Koubeck
Delaney Walsh
MacKenzie Healy
Marissa Healy
Sean Paul Stolarski
Charlie Nadel
Bryce Keblish
Elizabeth Sargent
John Whiteside

Each of the above listed swimmers has been invited to the Connecticut Swimming Awards Banquet on November 5, 2017 at the Aqua Turf Club.  The Awards Banquet is held to recognize swimmers for achieving a Top 16 time in an individual event for each age group from a meet during the 2016-2017 Short Course season and the 2017 Long Course season.

The Awards Banquet also recognizes Connecticut Swimming Scholar Athletes.  For the 2016-2017 seasons, nine Water Rats have been named as Scholar Athletes. They are: Scott Adler, Kay Begg, Marissa Healy, Alec Keblish, Michelle Kennedy, Caroline Sargent, Nicolas Ortega, Jake Ritz, and Monica Koubeck. To be eligible to be a scholar athlete a swimmer must be in 10th, 11th or 12th grade, have a minimum GPA of 3.5, and have swum at the 2016 Long Course Championships, the 2016-2017 Short Course Senior Championships, or two regular season meets in the 2016 Long Course Season and 3 regular season meets in the 2016-2017 Long Course Season.

NIcolas and Marissa were also named as members of the USA Swimming Scholastic All America Team.  To receive this award, swimmers must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and one or more 2016 Winter Junior Nationals qualifying times.

Congratulations to all the Water Rats for receiving these honors.