March 2017

Minutes for the Ordinary Meeting of March 7, 2017

Board Members
Martha Corneck(Co-Pres), Sylvie Ortega(Co-Pres), Cheryl Smiley (Senior Rep), Trisha Begg (Senior Rep), Adrienne Williams(USA Escrow Manager), John Wang (Co Officials Coordinator), Tracy Keblish (Co Officials Coordinator), Candace Twiss (Pet WRAT Coordinator), Lorraine Kennedy (Ex Officio), Lori Blessey(AG Rep), Adrienne Johnston (Meet Manager), John Belpedio (co-Treasurer), Kerrie Steele Rubin (co-Treasurer) and Eileen Brown(Secretary)

Approval of Minutes
A motion was made to approve the minutes dated January 5, 2017 by Trisha Begg and seconded by Lorraine Kennedy.

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting dated January 5, 2017 as presented to the Committee were approved.

Coaches Report
Head Coach Ellen Johnston began her presentation by reporting to the Committee the sad news of the passing of former Water Rat Coach Bill Krum. She said a memorial will be planned in CT this summer and the Water Rats will work closely with USA Swimming, Southern CT University and CT Swim on the arrangements. The team did very well in Regionals and is excited for the upcoming Senior and Age Group Championships. Katelyn Hracs has been asked to be a CT Zone Coach. The Water Rats have been awarded to host SSI May 12-14th and the June 9/under on Thursday June 8th. The summer practice schedule will go out soon. Long course meet schedule will be published soon too. Registration for the team has been steadily increasing too with inquiries for all levels of swimmers. We currently have over 200 swimmers.

Meet Manager’s Report
Everything is under control and planning is beginning for SSI. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided for officials. The Pentathlon ran very smoothly

Officials Report
John Wang and Tracy Keblish reports that we are all set with officials for the meet. Some parents are currently training.

Pet WRAT Report
Candace Twiss reports that she will send an update to families that are in need of points during Long Course and to make sure all accounts are up to date

USA Swimming Manager’s Report
Adrienne Williams reported that there are a few families overdrawn on escrow but there is no concern that the accounts will be updated shortly. All meets have been billed and swim cap detail will be recorded too.

Treasurer’s Report
John Belpedio presented the financials.  Kerrie Steele Rubin listed a few items that were outstanding and Ellen stated she would follow-up. The Pentathlon was highly successful, and better than expected and the records are up to date.  The home hosted meets have earned approximately $28k with 2 more meets to host.

Parent Representative’s Report
All of the practice groups had pasta dinners and all enjoyed them. Gaetano’s did a great job with the food and delivery. Lori Blessey discussed the decorations that she is working on with Chrissy Gussen and the trophies that will be ordered once Coach Scott decides on a design. The event should be very successful. Martha Corneck stated that she discussed the slide show and audio visual requirements with Andy McNab.

Co-President’s Report
Sylvia Ortega discussed the rescheduling of the Planning and Evaluation Meeting that had to be cancelled last month due to the strong snow storm. Martha Corneck discussed the addition of language to the Bylaws to be updated this year regarding Escrow accounts and the Volunteer points. The 2017 Nominating Committee was announced with a slate of: Kristen Finnegan, Sari Berkowitz, Berkeley Murray and Candace Twiss.

A motion was made by Sylvia Ortega to approve the slate for the 2017 Nominating Committee and seconded by Lorraine Kennedy.

RESOLVED that to approve the slate for the 2017 Nominating Committee as presented to the Committee were approved.

All Other Business: none

Sylvia Ortega moved to adjourn meeting, and March Corneck seconded, all voted in favor. The next meeting is tentatively slated April 6, 2017.

Respectfully submitted
Water Rats Parents’ Club